Soul Kitchen, Dubai’s newest gastronomic oasis

Bustling in the heart of Dubai’s Business Bay, a vibrant oasis and gastronomical cuisine was recently welcomed. Soul Kitchen is the newest addition to Dubai’s already thriving and vibrant dining panorama. Infused with tales of migration, it pays homage to the Arab diaspora.

Renowned for their mark in the region’s nightlife with iconic mega clubs, Factory People’s venture of the Soul Kitchen serves as a prowess to embracing diversity, creativity and flavors. Migration has birthed the idea and soul of this culinary haven.

Headed by Executive Chef Margarita Vaamonde, this oasis-inspired restaurant’s menu has a fusion of Levantine and Latin American cuisine, therefore adding an adventurous vibe to the culinary tapestry.

The interior design is a meticulous testament on migration, a nod to its core concept. The ambience is posh and refined yet cozy – a place where young souls can unwind and immerse themselves into food, music, and art. The mesmerizing and aesthetically beautiful floating art installation, by artist Rumi Dalle, commands attention and intrigue to those who enter the sanctuary. Made with 150 feathers and sewn with threads of silk by 10 artisans in Beirut, the empowering backstory of the installation adds a more profound and interesting vibe. The art tapestry of bird wings on the walls and the mechanical birds installation at the bar area add to the appeal of the overall artistic ambience.

The earthly hues of the terracotta floors and walls paired with luxurious green dining accents and an abundance of plants make it an oasis in the dessert. Its dim and classy lighting embraces the artistic aura of the restaurant, not to mention how the playlist has nicely complemented it. The night was further enjoyed with the beats of Wassim Bou Malham, a Lebanese DJ and one of the founders of Soul Kitchen and Factory People. He noted that they have incorporated the interiors with symbols that all connect to the very concept of this culinary haven. Bringing their tradition and cuisine along with their migration, they are fond of rebuilding while collaborating as well with different cultures.

Furthermore, there is an ample space for parking which ensures accessibility and convenience.

The dinner started with Zaatar as an appetizer – a prelude for the night’s gastronomic voyage.

We have also tried their raw starters, the Goat Tartare and the Lychee Ceviche. The Goat Tartare has a unique blend of taste, despite the fact that it is raw which makes it really interesting. Notably, it lacks the typical fishy aroma associated with raw meat. It evokes the taste of raw kebab, especially when served with bread. The Lychee Ceviche, with raw and tender fish has an impressive marinade, rendering the right balance of lime and the full dish flavors.

We also had the Soul Kitchen Guacamole, which is indeed a true delight. The delightful crunch of the toasted almonds and pomegranate seeds blended perfectly with the creamy avocado. We love how it is paired with plantain chips as well.

The palate-tantalizing Tropical Prawn Salad with quinoa has a perfect balance of sweet and citrus flavors. The tenderness of the prawns is definitely a standout. It will surely make you crave for more.

For the drinks, we have tried the Mastiha Basil and the Peachy Margarita with flavors of sumac. The combination of tequila, peach and lime paired with a twist of sumac, is a refreshing cocktail amidst the weather’s current humidity. Who doesn’t want a flavorful Margarita in a summer anyway?

For the main dish, we had the Tamarind Lamb Chops and the Seared Beef Tenderloin. The smoked goat labneh of the Tamarind Lamb Chops are impeccably marinaded and cooked plus, the savory sauce leaves a lingering taste in the palate. The glazed potato pave definitely complemented the lamb chops. Also, the Seared Beef Tenderloin has a tender texture that somehow melts in your mouth which further elevates this culinary masterpiece into perfection – making it also as a personal favorite alongside the Prawn Salad.

Their fries, for the bites and sides, are far from the typical as it has a generous mix of different spices which makes each bite more flavorful.

For the dessert, we tried the classic Churros with dips of both Chocolate and Dulce de Leche. This heavenly dessert is a perfect way to end a sumptuous dinner.

The staff has been very welcoming and accommodating as well with every need attended to without a second thought. It’s an incredible feeling when the staff makes their guests valued.

To conclude, the experience was nothing short of exceptional. This soiree will surely surpass your expectations and would want to make you come back for more – for Soul Kitchen transcends more than just food. It’s about the entire culinary experience for the palate and soul.

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