As with all fashion accessories, sunglasses are rooted in the imperative need to protect your eyes during the day. Any person who steps out of their home in peak summer in Dubai knows how crucial a good pair is, not to add an extra layer to your outfit, but to protect your eyes from the harsh sun.
Sunglasses serve many diverse purposes such as protection from bright sunlight or specifically UV rays or from reflected glares. Sunglasses also have different designs for different light frequencies, which distinguishes them according to their purposes. For example, grey tints are all purpose and good for everyday use, but purple and rose tints help the wearer see clearly in a mainly blue/green landscape, which is why they are great for activities involving the forest or water bodies. Special types of sunglasses are used for a variety of sports, manoeuvring heavy machinery, and even in outer space!

The necessity of sunglasses dates back to early civilisations, where proof has been found of the indigenous tribes in North America and Northern Asia having created a sort of eye cover to deal with effects of sunlight reflected by snow. Centuries later, in the 1920s their popularity increased tenfold due to them being worn by Hollywood stars, and this fad trickled down to the everyday people of the USA. They initially started out as cute round frames with dark-coloured lenses. Ray-Ban aviators became popular in the late 1930s, and are still very much favoured by customers. By the 1950s, the alluring cat-eye sunglasses were seen on the iconic Marilyn Monroe, solidifying them as a fashion staple for decades to come. And of course, who can forget the brightly coloured lenses and thin frames of the 90s!
A customer can choose any frame they think they would look the best in, but what’s important is that they make an informed decision based on their routine and needs. Although sunglasses can be quite cheap and it is not necessary to buy extremely expensive designer brands, investing in a good quality lens that will last for years is definitely the best decision.

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