The Alexandra McRobert Story


Alexandra McRobert, also known as Sober Yoga Girl, is a former party girl turned international yoga teacher and sober lifestyle coach. Alexandra moved to Dubai in her twenties and spent her time indulging in bottomless brunches and unlimited drinks. In 2019 she found rock-bottom and realised that this was not a life she wanted to live. She took up the 28-day challenge to not drink alcohol that transformed into a permanent lifestyle. 

While quitting drinking itself was a massive challenge – once she got through the early days of sobriety, she realized that she was so much happier alcohol free. Getting sober alone was rife with its own obstacles, she felt isolated in her journey and found herself seeking community, connection, and spirituality. Taking control of her life made her feel empowered and Alexandra wanted to pay it forward by building a community she was missing and created and founded The Mindful Life Practice 2020 while working as a teacher in the UAE. 


The Mindful Life Practice offered women an international Zoom yoga community around the world who are quitting drinking and transforming their lives. 

Alexandra leads everything from 30 Day Sober Girls Yoga Challenges to full year recovery programs to help sober curious women ditch alcohol for good. She also coaches women one-on-one, with a revolutionary program that addresses the body, mind and soul – and leads Yoga Teacher Trainings. She hosts yoga retreats around the world for members of her community – most recently in Bali, Indonesia, the UAE, and Mexico. She also leads custom retreats when requested for private groups and individuals. 

Since Alex left her career as a school teacher she loves living as a digital nomad. She works remotely from Bali, from Dubai, and wherever else she is while traveling. She is passionate about the healing powers of yoga for mental and physical health. In her free time she writes, spends time with her cat, plays guitar and is a beginner surfer.


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