Located in the heart of Dubai, DIFC, L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon welcomes patrons with a poised palette to indulge in the variety of authentically French signature dishes. The highly acclaimed restaurant is famed for its late founder’s multiple Michelin starred venues scattered across the world. Paris, Hong Kong, New York, Las Vegas to name a few. Amongst his many accolades, the late culinary genius had earned the title of the century’s best cook, each venue is a representation of that, operated by a variety of gastronomic gurus the restaurants have implemented Chef Joel’s teachings and trades into their dishes.

The most recent establishment is the chic Dubai venue where the skilled master chefs carry Monsieur Joël’s timeless legacy within the ornate and extravagant dishes. Each signature dish is carefully crafted to ensure the diner participates in an all-immersive experience; Chef Joël believed that all the senses worked in sync when indulging in a meal. The chefs at Robuchon turn on the theatrics at the open kitchen bar when they transform modest ingredients into lavish meals. Robouchon’s vision for an advanced yet classic take on gastronomy is displayed with every bite.


The signature dishes include; L’Artichaud, an intricately crafted flower made out of a delectable artichoke placed on a bed of creamy parmesan risotto.  Le Black Cod, the popular seafood dish consists of a succulent piece of cod doused in miso under daikon and infused with yuzu. Another dish inspired by the Orient is Le Gyoza, Japanese ravioli loaded with chicken and leek, served in a mouth-watering chicken broth. For the most silky and velvety mashed potato guests can select the signature Pomme Puree. 


The culinary artists at Robuchon take quality ingredients such as caviar and turn it into the masterpiece that is Le Caviar ‘Royal Oscietra’, caviar over a crispy poached egg with a delicious ring of smoked salmon. Le Crabe Royal proposes rich flavours of crab enclosed in thinly sliced daikon. For the perfect fusion of flavour and texture, guests can opt for Les Crevettes, the dynamic dish presents wild shrimp in crunchy vermicelli with sumac and lime.
For those seeking the perfect cut of meat, a juicy a-grade wagyu tenderloin can select Le Tournedos De Boeuf. 

Another option for meat lovers is the Robuchon twist on burgers, Le Burger a beef burger with foie gras and sweet grilled peppers. Ensuring your experience ends on the sweetest note, the signature dessert is; La Pomme, visually magnificent, the crystal sphere encases a rich and creamy apple mousse and the classic vanilla ice cream.

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