The magic drops you need for this summer!
VITA Eternity, a new skincare brand in the UAE, debuts with an exclusive Elixir Formula: Rose Oil.

VITA Eternity, a skincare brand, launches in the UAE with their debut, luxury product: Elixir Formula – Rose Oil. The serum is a carefully crafted and tested blend of organic red rose oil infused with vitamin extract to create a light but potent formula. “We like to call it magic in drops!” is how Asghar Akhtar Khan, VITA Eternity’s founder, describes the product that will establish the beauty brand in the market.

Elixir Formula provides high-quality skin protection and preservation, perfect for this summer, using only pure essential oil without chemical additives or preservatives. The exclusive serum is made from nature’s most powerful skincare ingredients and provides excellent support for dull, dry or damaged skin. Additionally, it promotes skin elasticity, protecting the skin from sun damage, evening out skin tone and restoring the skin’s natural moisture.

Asghar adds, “The summer season can be extremely damaging to the skin and it is wise to be cautious. Excessive sun, AC, dust, and lack of higher hydration will affect your skin. We are proud to introduce you to our superior Elixir Potion of pure organic Red Rose Oil. We are finally on ground in the UAE, and we want you to be one of the first to try and experience our luxurious oil this summer.”, Asghar comments

The nourishing effects of our Elixir Formula consists of anti-ageing elements leading to a longer-lasting and smoother feel. “We, as a brand, want to show that natural formulas without chemicals can treat skin conditions, benefit collagen creation and provide hydration. VITA Eternity will produce handcrafted high-end product lines with uniquely blended and precisely sourced rare oils and ingredients,” Asghar describes.

VITA Eternity launching product is exclusively for UAE, available to shop on June 10 at 

IG: @vitaeternity #VEmagicdrops

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