The Showstopping Wonderland of Culinary Excellence, PLAY Restaurant & Lounge, Launches Exciting New Menu

Stepping away from the ordinary and creating a bold experience that is unrivalled, unique, and above all extraordinarily groundbreaking has always been the aim of PLAY. The trendsetters and pioneers of introducing global culinary avant-garde with a side of intrigue to the emirate of Dubai have just launched a brand-new menu that is aiming to take diners to another level of culinary heaven. Specially curated with the same energy and enthusiasm that PLAY is renowned for, this menu is a glimpse into a vast wonderland of exotic delights. 


Tantalise your senses with the custom menu exquisitely crafted by Chef Dennis Koll, as your dining experience is elevated to new heights. At PLAY, dining is more than just a meal, it is an immersive experience, and this menu has been superbly compiled to match the class, sophistication, and mysterious intrigued of the venue itself. 


Start your voyage of discovery with “Shiny Flakes”, which is an eccentric take on a classic Burrata dish following the PLAY kitchen philosophy of using well-known ingredients but adding a twist to give it that wow factor. The talented chefs create both sweetness and sourness by combining a passionfruit extract with a tangy sesame goma which perfectly complement the burrata cheese. Continue the adventure with “Better Than Shrimp” which uses Atlantic Carabinero to give guests a quality, rare, and eye-catching dish that really is better than shrimp! 


PLAY hasn’t forgotten about the vegans and vegetarians as they look to cater for all dietary requirements with their “Beets By Play”. An outside the box dish, it expertly combines the arousing presence of cranberries and the impactful flavour and texture of almond yoghurt-based cilantro and lime ice cream to give guests a completely different view of beetroots. 


For the meat lover there are also plenty of options including the “Gift From The Pyrenees” that takes Pyrenean lamb to another level as it is smoked with hay in front of the guest to give the full emotional experience of the French Pyrenees. To top off the incredible new additions to the PLAY menu, the “Pacific Yellow Tail” is perfect for fish lovers as the old classic is combined with a refined and tangy tomato, olive and onion sugo, detailed with a fresh basil extract and completed with a carefully sourced Olive oil. 


Sam Chercoles, Managing Director of PLAY Restaurant & Lounge spoke recently about the new menu launch, “At PLAY, our guiding principle is to have an unending passion for food, drink, and entertainment. The dining experience and the show go hand in hand; without exquisite food, the show would be meaningless, and vice versa. This new menu perfectly demonstrates our goal of giving guests an unrivalled dining experience. Our immersive venue is one of a kind and these dishes are works of art that complement the magical entertainment experience perfectly.” 


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