There Is No Limit : Interview with Beki Ksouri

Eight years ago, Beki Ksouri decided to try something different, in an ever-shifting, algorithmic landscape that has often forced creators to adapt and re-adapt. However, this multi-talented influencer defied all odds and made the algorithms work in her favour…all thanks to her magnetic aura, originality and the smart creative eye that she hooks her audiences with. A revolutionising force in the world of fashion, art and gaming, born on the 29th of July, 1999 in Tunisia, this creative dynamo has captivated audiences on her YouTube channel “Beki’s World”, boasting a staggering 1.0 million subscribers, earning her the accolade of “Best rising content creator” in 2022.
Passion meets authenticity. Dedication transcends into a surplus of admiration that comes in avalanches. Beki is one such youtuber who creates content that only elevates and connects the minds of the seemingly unconnected. She is beyond remarkable in her forte. It isn’t because of the rewarding aspects that made Beki choose this path, let alone making her into the trailblazing persona we see her today. Very few youngsters would understand the true definition of what dedication and passion means, when it comes to creating one’s reality.
Beki Ksoury is the ideal definition of this. There is no limit, because in her mind…anything and everything is possible once she sets her mind on a particular goal she is sure to achieve.
To state she is ‘limitless’ will be an understatement. Picture this –a digital creator, an influencer, and a fashion dynamo-accomplishing so much in her life. She is Beki Ksouri, whose stark creativity and magnetism speaks volumes. Having established her mark on the shores of U.A.E, here is an individual that need not be defined nor categorised by anyone.
She is the boss of her reality.

• Tell more about yourself?
Apart from being a youtuber, I have a strong connection with art, storytelling, travelling and basically anything that is adventurous! I feel these creative mediums are an effective and captivating way to express a part of yourself without the fear of being judged. Everybody has a story to tell. Their experiences can connect in a way that just brings all of us together. That’s why I started my own Youtube channel: I did it to not only cultivate a loyal audience of my own, but it is definitely a rewarding feeling when people tell me that I have inspired their lives in some way or the other. Who wouldn’t like that?

• What sparked your interest in the world of fashion and beauty?
As someone who thinks that fashion is a reflection of your personality and who you are, we are starting to live in a world where people have a clear concept and idea in terms of perfecting their styles and wearing what reflects them the best. The same goes for me. I choose what I feel reflects my personality the best and I carry it out accordingly. I’m grateful to have a team of stylists and have access to designers who truly know my style better than I do myself. Surprising isn’t it? Its akin to watching a painting or an untold narrative come to life when you are surrounded by a group of talented creatives, who make you the center of everyone’s attraction.

• What are the latest fashion and beauty trends that have caught your eye? I I
I feel sustainability is something that is overlooked. The only time brands and the people that come with it start paying attention to this aspect, is when they see someone within their circle do it. It gets spoken about, it gets advertised…and yet little to no one pays attention. That frustrates me. I personally like it when brands immediately take action without waiting for the right moment to jump onto the wagon and proclaim themselves to be something they’ve been waiting so long to be. A sustainable brand. Why wait when you can do it now?

Can you describe your personal style in a few words?
I don’t have a specification. But I do have a good eye for detail. I love trying various styles and not limiting myself to just one particular style. For me, I think it’s a bit boring, yet there’s nothing wrong with that. I enjoy trying different styles and new creative pieces.. I love effortless and unique pieces that are modern and new with an edge, without being too over-the-top. Those are hard to come by.

• What are your go-to beauty products that you can’t live without?

I’m not that picky. But I do know how I’d like to present myself. For me, I pay close attention to my eye-brows, so I prefer to use certain brushes and glosses that’ll help in achieving the look I have in mind. Moisturized lips are just as important and I love it when there’s a shine to my features.

• How do you stay up-to-date with the ever-changing trends in the industry?
A good way would be to have my own style guide which I refer to once in a while. I also keep myself up-to-date by seeing what are some of the styles that are currently high on demand, the type of clothes that were once out of style but are now making a come-back…a lot of these go into reading articles that talk specifically about fashion and that includes magazines too. Attending fashion shows are also a relatively good source, in terms of trends and how to not be too outdated in my choices.

• Who are your biggest style inspirations and icons?
I resonate deeply with Audrey Hepburn and Anna Wintour. They have consistently remained as my inspirations and I don’t think that’s changing anytime soon. It’s basically elegance meeting chic and sassy sophistication with an eccentric edge.

• What’s your take on the fast fashion movement?
As mentioned earlier, sustainability is a crucial factor that is overlooked. The only time brands and the people behind it, only start to pay attention when they see someone within their professional field do it. I’m really frustrated by fast fashion, and I’ve made two videos about it in 2020 and 2021. However, this movement is dedicated to a certain category of people who don’t really care about sustainability but still want to have a new outfit all the time. My question is… why does it have to take such a long time for a brand or a designer to understand the importance of sustainability?

• Tell us about your journey into vlogging and what motivated you to start.
I’ve been documenting moments since I was a child, and vlogging or documenting my experiences started before I even joined social media. In 2016, I started sharing funny moments from my school on my page for my classmates, and my audience grew over time, pushing me to create higher quality videos and share more interesting experiences.

• What’s your approach to shopping for clothes and beauty products?
Surprisingly, I don’t like going to malls as they drain my energy. So whenever I want to approach a piece, I discuss it with my good circle of friends who are designers. People like Zied Houria, who has taught me so much about fashion. We either end up making a new piece or buying it online. The same goes for my beauty products, and my big sister is my number one consultant.

• Where are some of your favorite places to shop?
Personal shoppers and online shopping save me time and energy, allowing me to enjoy the process.
Do you have any insider tips for maintaining a stylish look without breaking the bank?
Fashion has no rules, and it’s always fun to style pieces in different ways. You can be creative with whatever you have in your closet. Additionally, swapping with your friends is a great way to make both of you happy.

• How do you handle fashion and beauty emergencies?
I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by so many creative people, and we always end up having a satisfying look in a short amount of time. If not, wearing nice perfume and being confident in whatever outfit is more important than the outfit itself.

• What are your thoughts on the current state of the fashion industry and where it’s heading?
I’m amazed by how designers keep coming up with new ideas and never-seen-before pieces. I love how the industry is becoming more accepting and welcoming to different visions. The variety and diversity in the current fashion industry are incredible.

• Can you predict any upcoming fashion and beauty trends?
I have a strong intuition that the industry is heading towards more versatile and transformative pieces that are sustainable, and designers could be more creative with the transformations. It’s always fun to have one piece that could provide more than one look.

• What advice would you give to aspiring fashion and beauty industry professionals?
I feel I’m still in a learning phase where I’m just getting the hang of certain things. As a consumer myself, I believe I’m in no position to advise professionals as I in a way do believe that they know what they are doing. However, I’d like to say “Have fun with the process. There are no limits to creativity.”

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