Top 3 things to explore at Marsa Mina during the holiday season

Marsa Mina

Built in Abu Dhabi Port near the cruise terminal, Marsa Mina is a Maritime Waterfront Destination buzzing with food, shopping, and family-friendly entertainment hubs. It’s also where international cruises berth; bringing a burst of global visitors to Abu Dhabi and the UAE.

Dining at Marsa Mina
Visitors can take their pick from a range of food trucks including Le Patchouli, Ur Destination, Fox Box, Mr. Potato, Sliderbar Burgers, Mr. Brisket, and Zaatar & Karak among others. They can also explore Marsa Mina on wheels with drive-through food trucks dotting the area.

Shopping at Marsa Mina
From Emirati souvenirs for tourists to bagging the latest piece from your favourite brand, Marsa Mina’s boutiques have something for everyone to take back home.

Adventures for juniors
Its playground, garden, and outdoor kids’ activities ensure that your little one’s sugar rush doesn’t go to waste. Mom and dad can kick back and enjoy the view while their kids explore.

Entry: Free

Location: Abu Dhabi Cruise Terminal, Gate 2 Zayed Port, Abu Dhabi


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