As Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) draws to a close after another season of exceptional experiences, one of the constants throughout the festival is the ongoing popularity of deals, offers and raffles that provide added value for shoppers.

Ahmed Al Khaja, CEO of Dubai Festivals and Retail Establishment (DFRE), the organizers of Dubai Shopping Festival, said, “Dubai Shopping Festival began 28 editions ago with an ambition to boost local businesses. Deals have played a central role in our retail festivals over the years, and I have no doubt they will continue to do so for many years to come. Every season, we continue to innovate with our retail partners and look at different offers, new ways of promoting deals, and ensuring that there is something for everyone – whether they are residents or visitors to our great city.”

When it comes to the types of purchases and deals that people are looking for, consumer electronics has long been one of the sectors most in demand with the city’s shoppers. “Consumer electronics are one of the mainstays of the UAE retail market, accounting for anywhere from AED 13-16 billion in sales last year,” says Vikas Chadha, CEO of Jumbo, which has been a strategic partner for DSF throughout each of its 28 editions.
As a specialist in consumer and enterprise tech, and operating in and from the UAE for almost 50 years, Jumbo is well placed to track changes in consumer behavior and purchasing patterns. “The demands of customers are constantly changing and evolving,” adds Chadha. “Today, we’re seeing customers increasingly looking for smarter, connected products which can be operated remotely or through mobile apps.”
And it’s not just what people are buying when it comes to consumer electronics, but also where and how. While the e-commerce market continues to grow at pace, there is still the demand to ‘try before you buy’ as shoppers want to reach out and touch the latest tech. Large appliances such as crystal-clear televisions and the latest surround sound systems need to be seen or heard to be believed, which is why making an in-store visit an often essential part of the shopping experience.
“Today, consumers are more accustomed to online shopping and are placing orders for products that traditionally mandated a store visit. From large home appliances to expensive smartphones, consumers purchase products online for the sake of convenience,” said Chadha. “However, the traditional market is better off than last year, and we expect it to outperform current forecasts. One of the reasons for this positive turn is the increased footfall in the malls during festival periods like DSF, and throughout weekends, which is translating to higher sales. At present, offline and online channels are complementary to each other,” Chadha added.

“Dubai has invested in malls and designed them to offer a social experience over and above a retail experience – this has worked well to draw in more and more customers. The Emirate also has several interesting retail events spread across the calendar year, which help businesses to align their marketing initiatives, resulting in well-coordinated efforts that benefit the industry at large,” said Chadha.
This is something that DFRE works hard year-round to achieve. Ahmed Al Khaja said, “The retail festival calendar which DFRE develops and delivers each year is about ensuring that there are always new and exciting reasons to visit retail destinations across the city. Dubai is a prime example of a destination that has retail woven into its DNA. The retail festivals – and particularly Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) – draw in visitors from the UAE, around the region, and across the globe. This speaks to the city’s efforts to enhance our offerings and grow our reputation as a retail destination.”
And it’s not just the demands to shoppers that DFRE and retailers like Jumbo have to keep up to date with, it’s technologies too.
In the consumer electronics market, chip development and the latest super-fast broadband has accelerated growth in smart appliances, smartphones, high-end TVs and the gaming sector – with demand reaching record levels as consumers look to make the most of those technological advancements. However, growth in other key segments is slowing. “While no consumer products were completely wiped off the shelves in 2022, PCs and laptops have seen a decline in demand,” said Chadha.
But as always with technology, as one product reaches market saturation or close to it, new products are always being developed to move the market into the future. “The consumer electronics industry is continuously evolving and innovating as new technologies develop, such as artificial intelligence and Metaverse,” said Chadha. “The products that are an offshoot of these innovations have massive potential and will shape the industry – contributing to changing consumer behaviour and demands. This means there is now a fast-growing market for products like VR headsets, glasses and accessories, especially among early adopters.”
A return to a period of prosperity in a post-pandemic world has seen shoppers eyeing premium brands and products, but that does not always mean there needs to be a premium price. In a highly competitive sector, shoppers are eager to find deals, and retailers are eager to provide them. Additional incentives – like DSF offers and raffle draws – are also appreciated by consumers looking to start the year with some new tech in their hand or in their home.
As a strategic partner of DSF, Jumbo is offering discounts up to 60 per cent during the festival, and giving away 1 kilogram of gold with 46 daily winners getting 10 grams of gold each, six weekly winners getting 50 grams of gold each, and one mega winner getting 250 grams of gold. All shoppers need to do is to spend over AED 1,000 at Jumbo stores or on or before 29 January. Other benefits from shopping at Jumbo during DSF can see customers walk away with vouchers for Careem, Joy Alukkas, Rehlat, MySyara and World2Door.
Shop, win and be entertained with the 28th edition of Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) until 29 January 2023 with incredible deals, innovative events, world-class entertainment and life-changing prizes. Featuring the ultimate retail therapy from a wide range of homegrown and global brands as well as live concerts, outdoors markets, pop-up dining and more, this year’s DSF experience is not to be missed.

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