UAE Cucumber Day

Your eyes have not deceived you, you read that quite right. UAE Cucumber Day is back in all its glory!

In honour of this most remarkable ‘fruit’ (or ‘vegetable’ or even ‘gourd’ if you prefer), on November 02nd, Hendrick’s Gin invites eccentric minds to celebrate the noble cucumber, and all its virtues, with a complimentary tipple at a number of venues across Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Hendrick’s Gin has always held the humble cucumber in the utmost regard. Why, you ask? Well, in addition to de-puffing eyebags and adding a little zing to iced water, it is vital in the curation of the world’s most unusual gin. Infused with cucumber and rose, a slice or two of this cylindrical garnish releases the full poetry of this utterly balanced gin, begging the question: who wouldn’t want to tantalise their taste buds by adding a crisp wheel of cucumber to a Hendrick’s Gin & Tonic?

Bringing this gallant fruit into the present day, this year Hendrick’s Gin is making sure we waste not, want not. While previously participants were asked to bring their glorious cucumbers to venues in order to redeem their beverages, this year, the illustrious fruit is being digitised. From Salmon Guru and Jass Lounge to McCafferty’s, Top Golf, and La Carnita, as well as Abu Dhabi’s Teatro and St. Regis Bar, epicures across the UAE will be able to download their digital cucumber token so as to wet their whistle on an array of delightfully peculiar yet extraordinarily inviting libations. Dare to be different and swap the G&T for a bespoke curation of curiously refreshing Hendrick’s cocktails as each venue exhibits their take on the bold and bountiful beverage to honour the magnificent green goddess of fruits throughout October.

Celebrate this UAE Cucumber Day by enjoying a treasury of tipples – with a side of cucumber, of course.

Visit for more updates on the full list of participating bars and how to download your digital currency.


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