Understanding the Science behind Success

In a world where people with a touch of luck or innate talents seem to be the ones deserving of accomplishments, success seems like a dream.
But what if success is not just a mere product of fate but something that requires mastery and of course, hard work?
While the journey to success may be a long and rocky path, understanding the very foundations that make individuals successful is a must.

Set SMART Goals
Setting a clear vision and purpose is important to achieving success. You have to make sure that the goals you set are (S) specific, (M) measurable, (A) attainable, (R) relevant, and (T) time-bound. By establishing your SMART goals, you are creating the blueprint of your success journey. Find out what it is that you really want and set your goals realistically.

Have a Growth Mindset
You need to be open to learning new things every day. Regardless of age, gender or social status, everyone has a chance to learn something new. It is important to note that intelligence and new skills are gained through dedication, consistency and hard work. However, we also need to see failure as a stepping stone to success and not as something to be feared. Try but do not be afraid of failing. See it as a challenge to build your character for it may teach you a lesson necessary to achieve victory.

Visualize your own Success
Thoughts have been proven to shape our reality, making the mind a very powerful tool to achieve what we want in life. As they say, change your thoughts, change your life. You have to see the end result in your mind. You don’t have to worry about the “how” for it. Paint vivid pictures in your mind about the success you’ve been dreaming of and associate it with emotions. By believing that you are going to be successful, you are already halfway there.

Have perseverance and resilience
Success is not for the faint hearted. You can never expect a smooth journey or shortcut to it because oftentimes, it is marked with lots of challenges, setbacks and failures. A person may fail over and over again but those who possess grit will eventually taste the fruit of their hard work. People who do not give up despite the adversities are the ones who emerge at the top

Do not be afraid to embrace the Lone Wolf Mentality
While having a supportive network is invaluable, there are times where success requires solitude and independence. Embracing the lone wolf mentality means having the courage to forge your own path, make tough decisions and being firm in your values and convictions. Like the lone wolf, sometimes, valuable breakthroughs come from walking alone because this allows us to tap into our inner strength and build our character necessary to go into the next level. At times, taking the road less traveled and embracing solitude for self-discovery is where we can find our greatest triumphs.

Take inspired action
Success should not only live in the mind. Consistent action is necessary for it to become a reality and your actions should be aligned with your goals and vision. Consistency may seem easy to speak; but it is one of the most difficult things to do. Create a routine, dedicate yourself to what you do and be consistent even though nothing is happening yet. Soon, you’ll see the hard work was all worth it. Take little steps and appreciate your efforts along the way.

Success is something that anyone is capable of achieving. And contrary to what most people believe, it is not achieved from pure luck or fate. Learning and understanding the principles of success will help you unlock your full potential and achieve the success your heart desires.

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