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We come across various fashion brands that specialize in promoting their clothes on social media. But how rare is it for us to come across one brand in particular, that not only colours out the lines, promotes an alluring combination of inclusivity, uniqueness and authenticity, with a touch of opulence and outstanding creativity?

Here’s something to be laid down for focusing an entire fashion line on avalanches of clothing for the distinguished woman. It’s a testament to a designer’s passion for a particular project, as well as a mark of confidence in her skills. It is exactly what the driven and ingenious Yasmine Kabouya decided to do with her business, Belyed

– a collection of luxury, versatile resort wear for women, catering to all body types. A free size, ready to wear brand that offers women a multitude of preferences, Yasmine Kabouya’s ‘Belyed’ is definitely one such fashion brand that we should all be on the watchout for. An era where endurance merges well with upscale high fashion and the divinity of floral, nature inspired wear. Embraced by both, the brand, the designer and consumers in the fashion realm, and lucky for us, Belyed has produced some enticing up-and-coming pieces that not only embody this fashion synthesis, but effortlessly radiate elegance and versatile charm.

Every piece has a resourceful style that can be embellished and personalized to complement different occasions. From purposeful walks at the beach, to magnetic evening wear, Yasmine stands by the notion that a woman’s wardrobe should include everyday pieces with adaptable, eye-catching flairs. Yasmine’s fearless and sharp visualisation intended to generate an array of formidable collections, that possess the most sophisticated, classy and distinctive luxury resort wear. Being the mastermind of an established and sought-after brand that focuses on three, keys that form its core: Free size, Timeless pieces and Innovative Styles.

Yasmine prides herself on creating exquisite, exclusive, eternal and artistic luxurious collections with wisely selected fabrics and reliable hand craftsmanship. Her biggest and ultimate end result, is when her thoughts transcend into unique, original ideas that are then worn by women coming from various walks of life, from different parts of the globe, that showcase and commend her innovations on the brilliance of every piece.

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