When Vivid Designs and Enlivening Beats Collide

fashion and music

The future of fashion and music is electric! Both often riff together with an epic solo because of how deeply and creatively they are linked.


Only geniuses breathe life into both these industries to inspire the world through art. The influence that music has on fashion is second to none. At every fashion show, models strut down the runway following beats of engaging tunes. Victoria’s Secret fashion shows featured exhilarating performances by Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, and many more. Jean-Paul Gaultier paid tribute to late singer David Bowie by featuring Starman’s iconic look in his 2016 runway designs. He said, “David Bowie was an absolute rock star. He transcended the eras, influencing and sometimes even creating them, musically, intellectually, and personally. He inspired me by his creativity, his extravagance, and his sense of fashion.”


Successful artists and brand collaborations such as Kanye West with Adidas or Rihanna with Puma have populated the industry—quite lucratively. According to superstar rapper Will I Am, fashion designers and musicians will work even more closely together in the future. Instead of grabbing bits of inspiration from each other, both mega-industries will collaborate to create technological products that maximize time. With the help of artificial intelligence (AI) and the amount of data the internet has on every individual, tracking preferences and creating entire personalities based on digital habits are no longer fantasies. Instead of carrying a bulky red Beats headphone, imagine stitching audio devices into a futuristic and mesmerizing jacket.

fashion and music
The reason Will I Am is fixated on coats and shoes is because we do not clean them enough. We wash our underwear frequently which rarely touches any outdoor surface, but our shoes are usually covered in dirt. This is the ideal opportunity for industry specialists and creatives to merge as one to create clothing with sound. Like Hollywood movies, if you ever wanted to have your theme song to set the mood while making your way downtown, this is about to happen.

Will I Am said, “We benefit from globalization and technology where we can virtually form any team and bring people together to collaborate. Instead of playing background music at a fashion show, why not make it more interactive?”


Music is hugely personal to everyone, and someday it would become the very clothing on our backs. If this happens, Back to The Future’s self-tying shoelaces will finally become outdated. Instead, you will have an awe inspiring jacket reverberating music from within. People will ask where this phenomenal jacket came from. That’s when you bust out a move and sing, “I got it from my Momma.”

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