6 books to Lose Yourself in the World of Ancient Egypt

The civilization of ancient Egypt has always been surrounded by so much grandeur, mystery, and a unique culture of its own. We’d be lying as a community if we said that we’ve never found joy and comfort in being immersed in hieroglyphs, stories of great Pharaohs and illustrious Queens, swathed in information about sarcophaguses, shabtis, and the gods and goddesses of a timeline, that is now only found in history books. But to our fortune, we have authors who have the power of words that effortlessly transport us to a world where the gods and goddesses are still worshipped and just beyond an inevitable mist, the civilization of ancient Egypt still thrives, awaiting us, the readers to fall in love with everything about it. Here’s a list of suggestions for those who wish to lose themselves in the world of ancient Egypt.

1. The Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan
Kane Chronicles explores the journey of the pair of siblings, Sadie and Carter Kane as they try to unlock the secrets that their parents have been hiding from them. A harmless trip to the British museum turns into their worst nightmare as a series of events plunge them into the world of Egyptian mythology and a forgotten uncle. Five unleaded gods, the power of avatar as well as an evil snake after the sun, it does not get any easier for the pair. Using the power of Gods and their magic, they must race against time to stop the Sun God Ra from being devoured. Will the duo be able to face the trials and tribulations thrown their way or will their efforts in vain lead to the end of the world? Buckle up on a journey with Sadie and Carter Kane and find out if they are the saviours or the destruction of the world, an epic series written by the one and only Rick Riordan.

2.The Anubis Gates by Tim Powers
Brendan Doyle, an expert on Samuel Taylor Coleridge and the nineteenth-century (fictional) poet William Ashbless, is approached by a millionaire to take on the role of a time-traveling tour guide for a bunch of rich people to attend a Coleridge lecture in 1810. He must lead the tour into the past with utmost charm and that wasn’t the difficult part. The real problem is when he finds himself kidnapped by Egyptian sorcerers whose ultimate aim is to bring destruction to England and to free Egypt as an independent nation and that is possible only by returning the ancient gods of Egypt to our world. Stranded in the past, caught up in chaos between the Egyptian sorcerers, gods, malicious clowns, experiments gone wrong, werewolves, and many more plot twists that only the readers can find out, Doyle must find his position in this mayhem while everything hangs by a thread. For a plot that sounds chaotic and a tad complex, the fast-paced story and the style of writing by Tim Powers effortlessly carries the readers through a thrilling journey alongside Doyle in his adventure with a little humour and plenty of unexpected revelations.

3. Nefertiti by Michelle Moran
Nefertiti and her younger sister, Mutnodjmet come from a dignified and highly respected family that has promised wives to the rulers of Egypt for a long time. Nefertiti is a girl of immense beauty, determination, and magnetic charisma, and she is to wed the young Pharoah Amunhotep. Her arrival is expected to drive the Pharoah away from the old gods and establish a new sun god that all must learn to worship. Upon her arrival, she is absolutely admired by her subjects but not for long. If the royal pair does not produce an heir, the people, and their admiration may turn into something vicious. Trying to invest in conceiving, Nefertiti fails to see the mutiny stirring through the military and priests to overthrow her husband. But she is the queen and the only person who can communicate with the queen is her sister Mutnodjmet. She is an introspective, and observant young lady brimming with wisdom. Mutnodjmet also looks forward to a quiet life with the love of her life, a general but all her dreams crumble when Nefertiti declares her sister must remain in court and marry for political gain. While she can’t let go of everything, she has ever loved, she also cannot fail her duties to her family. Filled with a kind of remorseful love, and an unexpected betrayal, this historically accurate story visualizes the grand events in the life of the illustrious queen Nefertiti and her righteous sister, Mutno

djmet. An imperial tale authored by Michelle Moran.

4. Limbo’s Child by Jonah Hewitt
The Limbo is a perilous place where dark soul-eating creatures exist, a place where worse things other than death could happen to you. In this place of shadows and lost souls exists the child of Limbo, Nephys, forever in servitude to the great master, death himself. Nephys and his pet imp, Heiro’s lives move orderly and quiet until a new soul arrives at Limbo, a victim of a car accident, Maggie Miller. Maggie’s daughter, Lucy jolts up awake in the hospital, to the tragic realization that her mother did not survive the accident. But now that her mother is no more, her life will never be the same. She slowly learns about her mother’s secrets that she was not meant to know about; she turns out to be the last race of necromancers with the power to summon the dead. While she is constantly under attack by all the supernatural forces, she comes to understand that her mother’s death was no accident. Driven to overthrow the underworld Lucy ravages anything that stood between her and her mother. To prevent the destruction of the world and the worlds yet to come, Nephys must race to earth with a weapon and a note from Maggie to Lucy. It is in Lucy’s hands if she chooses to bring her mother to life or use her powers to save the world. Read a riveting story of Nephys and Lucy destined to find each other amidst chaos but with different purposes, a moving tale written by Jonah Hewitt.

5. Theodosia and The Serpent of Chaos R.L. LaFevers
Theodosia Throckmorton is a young inquisitive girl, whose father works as the curator at the Museum of legends and Antiquities of London. She has the peculiar ability to see black magic and ancient curses that latch themselves to the artifacts. Theo uses nearly forgotten ancient Egyptian magic to cleanse the artifacts in order to protect the museum employees, her father, and herself. But everything takes a rough turn when Theo’s mother comes back from her latest archaeological trips with ‘the heart of Egypt’, a fabled amulet from an ancient tomb. Theo soon finds out that this amulet is swathed in the darkest of black magic, most vicious of nature, with the ability and aim to demolish the British Empire from the inside and wreak havoc in the rest of the world. It is entirely up to Theo to prevent the downfall of her home and everyone she has ever loved. Transport yourself to the year 1906 when Theodosia takes upon the responsibility of protecting the world from the most perilous black magic, a spooky and adventurous children’s book that has its way with adults too. A marvellous series written by R.L. LaFevers.

6. The Heretic Queen by Michelle Moran
After a tragic fire accident that has killed the eighteenth royal dynasty, one among them has survived. Nefertari, niece of the sagacious former queen Nefertiti, finds herself cornered to the edge of the world because her family was branded as heretical, and no one dared to even whisper their name. But everything slowly turns in her favour when she is taken under the care of the Pharoah’s aunt. She is brought to the temple of Hathor where she is taught to conduct herself befitting a future queen. It is not long before Nefertari captivates the attention of the young crown prince. They fall in love and wish to wed but the whole country stands against their union because of Nefertari’s family. Regardless, the pair marry, and Nefertari becomes the wife of Ramesses the Great, one of the most powerful rulers of Egypt. A magnificent story with meticulous details about love, power, and redemption, authored by Michelle Moran.

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