Gifts for the month of Romance

Presents and surprises are an integral part of being in a relationship. And when these presents are unique, one of a kind, rare to come across and aligned with the interest of whomever you’re getting it for, this present is going to be valued greatly, marking a milestone in your relationship. It takes someone who is consumed with so much love and care to put lots of thought and effort to get their partner a beautiful gift. If you’re looking for some ideas, here are a few ideas to give you a head start to create a memorable moment in your relationship.

1. Shower care box
Shower care products might sound a bit common, but we’re talking about personalized shower care products. Bathing is much more than a hygienic necessity. It’s therapeutic, relaxing and ultimately a very intimate experience to indulge in by oneself. A shower care box can include, flowers infused bath salts, scented candles, flavoured bath bombs, nourishing oils, loofahs, sugar scrubs, moisturizers, scrunchies and dried flowers and fruits to soak in the water. If you want this to get more romantic, add a box of chocolates and a bottle of their favourite wine or Champagne. You have control over customizing every single item in this box to your desire, from every colour to the flavours. If you’re a perfectionist with attention to detail, this is going to be very fun for you to put together and it’s going to be more delightful for the person receiving this gift.

2. Antique item with a story
This is for those who love objects with a story. If your partner has interest in astronomy, get them an antique telescope. If they’re into writing, get them a typewriter. If they love music, get them a gramophone. You could spend your money on new ones, but if you can find ones that have been used a long time ago and have distinct marks that tell a story of its own, get them that story. It could be a locket, a music box, a book, a pen, a hand mirror, a hair clip, the list could go on. Find what fits your partner the best and give them the story they can add their chapters to.

3. View Master
View masters are a classic. Add pictures of some of your most special moments and take a trip down the memory lane with your partner. It truly may not seem like much, but it’s evergreen. It’s special, authentic, and very memorable for those that don’t expect big and expensive presents and love to keep it simple.

4. Sand rings
This is a new one and it is becoming a trend. The sand rings are entirely customized with sand from either of your favourite locations, where you met the first time or any place that holds a great value in your relationship. Sand rings tell your story and are a totem of your love for each other. It’s absolutely unique and unlike any other gifts out there.

5. 30-seconds stuffed bear
If you’re planning on asking your crush for prom, proposing on one knee, or simply intending to give them a piece of you they can always rely on, even in your absence, the 30-seconds stuffed bear is the perfect gift. Record what you want to let them know, a heart touching monologue, a song you wrote for them, a poem you crafted in their name, a love letter you meant to give them, or literally anything you know they’d love. This ranks as one of the most emotional gifts and when you love them enough, it’s going to be a gift in a lifetime.

6. Book nooks
For those who are bookworms and love to stay buried among books, this is the perfect gift. If you know your partner well enough, your probably know their favourite book and their and their favourite fantasy realm. You could either custom make it from a small business or even make it yourself if you’re crafty. It could be a book nook of Diagon Alley from Harry Potter, camp half-blood entrance from PJO, the portal from Coraline, Hobbit Hole from LOTR, The Gate from Stranger Things or literally anything you know they’d be crazy about.

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