A Glimpse of Al Sahel Half Marathon

Dubai, known for its vibrant culture and active lifestyle, recently witnessed the power-packed Al Sahel Half Marathon event on 1st October 2023 that brought together professional athletes and amateur runners alike. Whether you were a professional runner or just beginning your journey, there were distances catering to all levels, from 21 km to 1 km. There were many proud partners cheering for the participants with gifts and rewards.

Al Sahel Half Marathon offered five different distances, from 1 km to 21 km, welcoming participants of all levels, whether they were professional athletes or beginners. With a commitment to providing a safe and secure environment, the event also featured music, food, and various fun activities, promising to be one of the most memorable races of the season. Bernessi’s vibrant presence at the marathon added to the overall energetic atmosphere through exciting valuable gifts adding an extra layer of excitement to the marathon.

The event by Team Sports UAE, with its music, food, and engaging activities, promised to be a memorable race for participants and spectators alike. Many partners presented participants with refreshments and gifts as a token of appreciation. Partners were not merely present; they were there to cheer, motivate, and provide unwavering support to all the runners.

The brand’s presence not only showcased their commitment to promoting an active lifestyle but also reinforced their belief in the strength and resilience of every woman. The Al Sahel Half Marathon wasn’t just a race; it was a celebration of determination, endurance, and the joy of running.

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