Alessandro Conte: The Unbeatable

Alessandro Conte

Unbeatable and Unbreakable. The two golden ‘U’s’ that made him stare at a challenge, an obstacle…right in the face and surpassed it with a prepossessing smile on his face. A smile that screamed victory. Victory which was always his to keep. So, here’s the big question: How did he make it? Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela with Italian origins from both of his parents’ sides, Alessandro Conte discovered his passion towards performing arts when he’d looked into the camera and smoothly spoke in front of it as if he was conversing with a friend! They say our struggles begin when we start creating our reality. In Alessandro’s case…it surely was no cakewalk. Having battled and witnessed several ups and downs that life had to throw at him, he simply didn’t know when to quit as that word doesn’t apply in his dictionary. 

From starting his journey in Fashion, to now having his own talk show called “The Conte Show”, where his presence dominates our screens, further enamoring us, Alessandro Conte is Unbeatable. He’s unbeatable at everything he does, and unbreakable because there is nothing in this world that can ever deter him. 

Introducing Alessandro Conte, the ‘Unbeatable’. 

How did ‘The Conte Show’ come to life? What makes your show unique from the rest? 

The show came to life in July of this year. It all started when a friend of mine and producer called me to ask if I wanted to go for a casting at her workplace for a show named “The Dubai Shopping Channel”, to which I replied ‘yes, of course’. During the casting session, a different producer approaches me and asks me for a meeting right away, where we started to discuss me having a talk show, instead of doing the show I was initially going for, so we immediately scheduled the next meetings where we sat down and started brainstorming together, with ideas for the show, logo, guests, set up etc. It took us an entire month to start producing “The Conte Show”.  What makes this talk show unique is the production itself, the show is the first of its kind in the country and the region. At the end of the day, every production has its sparkle, making it unique to the spectator.

They say our struggles start the moment we begin creating our destiny. Certainly, your journey wasn’t easy. Yet, you bravely persisted. How were you able to battle sensations of self-doubt? 

Even though I had these doubts I just knew that I had to trust myself and continue

What have those challenges taught you? 

They have taught me patience, a lot of it I would say since I wanted things to happen overnight and that is something that doesn’t happen. 

You have interviewed an arsenal of eminent figures, coming from different walks of life, as well as covering a wide range of topics that definitely keep us, the audience, intrigued. Please tell us what are some of your favourite topics you enjoy covering, and why?

The Conte Show is a talk show where we have an organic conversation with all of the guests, so I enjoy every conversation that surges from every interview.

There is so much more to being a talk show host, than what it usually meets the eye. What are some of the most interesting myths you’d like to clear up? Telling us, what it is and isn’t? 

One of the most common myths that I hear is that an experienced TV host, singer or actor no longer becomes nervous before starting a TV show or singing or any other activity that requires you to be in front of the public eye. As Stanford psychologist Kelly McGonigal explained in a viral 2013 TED Talk, the rush of adrenaline you feel before a performance is a natural reaction that should not be anxiety-inducing, but rather empowering.

You mentioned you worked a variety of jobs, before making your dream into a reality. At the beginning, was there something inherent that was holding you back?

Patience is a key factor to our success, and that is something that I had to learn along the way, therefore, when I mean patience I don’t mean to just sit and wait for a miracle to happen, while I was having other jobs I was also trying to get to where I am today, going out, asking people for an interview, contacting venues, hotels, restaurants and many different places to collaborate with them as a “blogger” during my free time, so I would say that nothing was holding me back, the time an opportunity came along.

 How did you seek out opportunities? What advice would you love to share with us, especially for those who strive to be in a similar position like yours? 

I have always seen Dubai as a super city with a lot of potential, a lot to offer to everyone. When this whole social media trend started 5 years ago, I decided to start looking for places to go with my mobile phone and start shooting and documenting everything. Many people were attracted and curious about life in Dubai, which continues to grow day by day. Even though I had full-time jobs I took the initiative to pursue my dreams, to work for them during my free time. My advice is that if you want to achieve something, no matter how difficult it might seem, start with whatever you have, whatever you can, “with your bare hands” results will show and in a matter of no time you will realize that that goal or dream of yours came true and that my friends are one of the most satisfying life sensations that could ever experience. 

What has been the most memorable highlight in your career?

I think I am having it. I am going through it because I am doing what I always dreamed of.

I’m curious. Do you see The Conte Show expanding world-wide? I wouldn’t be surprised if it actually does! 


What are some exciting projects you are currently working on? What plans for 2022? 

Let’s keep it a surprise. 

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