Ali Ajame, The Stars’ Buddy

Ali Ajame

In this issue of Victor Magazine, we interviewed a very renowned name in the field of Arab art and music … Ali Ajame; a close friend to numerous celebrities and artists in the Arab world. In this interview, Ali gives us an exclusive peek into his life and his valuable view about the artistic scene in Dubai and the Middle East – welcome the Stars’ Buddy – Ali Ajame

Ali – we welcome you to Victor Magazine. We appreciate your professional career in art and we are so excited to hear your feedback to the following questions


Tell us a bit about your career in art in the UAE – When have you started and what are the most important milestones?

I came to the UAE in the year 2000 and I started as a professional photographer. I used to shoot many celebrities and stars. I was recognized to be the stars’ photographer for the numerous shoots I have done. I also worked as an editor but my main passion was photography. I worked for a number of magazines like Elsada, Zahrat Al Khaleej, Sayidaty and Laha. I have also worked for the website as both editor and photographer.

What is the best place where you have worked in the UAE considering your contribution to the Arab art scene?    

I would say this has to be Emirates News in which I am a partner. In Emirates News I am actually able to create the content I really want and have passion for. Through Emirates News, I am able to reach a wider audience in the Arab world.

How do you see Dubai as a host for the Arabic and international arts scene within five years from now?

Dubai is a vibrant city that is designed to attract talent and artists from everywhere in the world and that speaks for itself because every celebrity in the Arab world is either living or constantly visits Dubai. The vibe that this city gives and its environment is perfect for art creation and inspiration.

Can you talk to us about the controversy about your interview with Sultan Abdul Lateef – Balqees’s ex-husband?

I am glad you asked me that question because I really wanted to speak about that subject to clarify my stand. 

Before the news about Balqees filing a case to separate from Sultan, I actually felt something was going on between them and when I interviewed Balqees then and asked her, she avoided answering the question. I then thought I should interview Sultan to get both sides’ opinion and try to create positive vibes between them. The interview with Sultan was actually very good. 

For the record, I have planned the interview with Sultan before the news about Balqees’s case to separate from him came out and I could not have possibly cancelled the interview on the account of the separation case as Sultan is also my friend like Balqees. 

When the interview with Sultan came out, Balqees, apparently, got offended and though I was taking sides with Sultan against her while I am completely impartial … the separation case is a personal issue between them that I have never interfered in. All I was trying to do is to provide a fair view for my audience from both parties and not one party only and this is what good journalism stands for.   

In your opinion, who is the best singer in the Arab world?

Without a lot of thinking, that would be Fairuz

What is the most exciting event that you are looking forward to?

Expo Dubai 2020 that we all expect to see in October 2021 is the biggest event that we are all looking forward to. Dubai has worked so hard despite the challenges of the pandemic and has successfully prepared for the big event. I have no doubt that Dubai will, again, rock the world.

What do you think about the new Egyptian folk music also known as festival music?

I actually like some of it to be honest … though the lyrics of some others in this category are provocative. I believe it’s a phase in the Egyptian’s music industry and may phase out with time or develop to something else than what we hear today.  

What is your opinion about the music business in the Arab world?

To be honest, I am not very happy with it … though I understand it’s a business like any other and should be rewarding but we have to agree that the main ingredient in this industry is the talent not the money. Unfortunately, how the music industry runs these days gives more room to those who have very weak or no talent at all on the account of those who have real talent. 

What do you say to the readers of Victor Magazine?

I have been observing this magazine since its first issue, I actually covered its launch gala event and I expect a very bright future for it … Victor Magazine stands for values and principles that will enlighten its readers, and empower the talents/ celebrate achievers featured in it.

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