Are the 90’s back?

When you look back to the ’90s the main picture that forms is a large collection of oversized silhouettes, clothes with vibrant colors, juicy couture, and so on. Fashion is constantly evolving yet always finds a way to go back to the past.  

Most of the time a fashion trend is put out by famous designers or celebrities with a well-known influence on fashion designers. There are often times when a celebrity changes their stylists for a specific event or red carpet photo shoot and is suddenly brought to the light, so if we were to really criticize who brings these trends to life it would be their stylists.

As we get close to getting through the year most of the 90’s fashion has surfaced and some might have a little bit of an innovative touch to it. I have chosen some trends which have been really bringing the vintage style to life.

Nostalgia is the name of the game 

As Y2K fashion is peeking higher than ever, this summer has a lot of vibrant trends to look forward to. Spotlight stealing attire such as joyous colors to the bold signature collection. Vivid colors, cutouts, and baggy low-rise jeans are making a comeback and it seems like it’s staying for a while.

The maxi shirt dress

 Maxi dress silhouettes took over the spring 2022 runways — from Valentino to Chanel. The trend translates perfectly to shirt dresses, with long, caftan-inspired designs to wear all summer. Erlanger recommends pairing it with an espadrille or block heel sandal to dress up the look even more.

Sweats 2.0

Even though the juicy couture hasn’t fully come out; the style and the fashion of the matching sets of sweats are back. Whether an oversize, fleece-lined jogger is your jam or you’re more the elevated soft-pants type, preferring knitted flares and flowy culottes, leisurely bottoms are a 2022 constant, mostly thanks to the continuation of hybrid work setups. But if I were to say the juicy couture is just one wear away from trending again.

Voluminous Silhouettes

From oversize shirting to ballooned silhouettes and a continuation of the puff sleeve dresses and tops trend never seems to dial down.   If anything, the latter will spice up all the soft pants you’ll probably still be rocking on the bottom. Voluminous fashion has become a staple clothing piece in everyone’s closet and seems to be a comfort cloth for everyone.

Platform Shoes

Platform shoes have always been seen as a piece from the edgier  side. But lately, it seems to be everywhere even paired with the kinda clothing which sides with the opposite of edgy but still rocks the look. This kinda style has been put out in most clothing, where two pieces from different aesthetics are put together and create a new look.

The Color Purple

The color Pantone is a shade of purple: a soft, soothing shade giving baby blanket vibes. This color has been trending in various silhouettes and gives it a soft touch to the clothing, meanwhile, this color has been seen to be used in clothes of various styles as how you pair and layer your outfit is what makes its style


Cutouts are iconic for their signature looks from the 90s. Some of the major influential designers have clothes with cutout designs. Versace’s ‘LITTLE BLACK DRESS’is what brought the name to what it is now and brought the celebrity who wore it to light. These are making a comeback and are better than ever and have brought many beautiful designs and so far the most iconic come back from the 90’s fashion.

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