A voice for you: Hiba Haidari

Hiba Haydari is of Syrian origin and grew up in the city of Aleppo, and she dreamed of studying media since her childhood. She attended Damascus University and studied business administration. She moved to the United Arab Emirates and was able to obtain several training courses in the field of media, from one of the specialized academies in Dubai. Specifically, Fox Academy for Consulting, Training, and Media Development. She worked on preparing and presenting some news reports. She quickly gave us a radiant look through her ninth broadcast on MBC. Talent is more important than education.

Hiba Haidari gives us an inside look into her journey that lead to her till here:

  1. When did you move to Dubai?

 I came to Dubai 9 years ago and I love Dubai its always been a dream city for me. My fascination with UAE is what brought me here and inspired me to come here to pursue my career and I find UAE or Dubai a place to make dreams come true.

  1. You have been interested in media from a young age, what was your inspiration for it?

   I like being able to send a message to people, you can grow awareness among people about things in life and you also be an inspiration to many as I had icons in media as inspiration for me. I also think media also has a very big role in life and growing each day.

  1. How was your business degree beneficial to your career in media?

I was always supposed to learn media I asked for that from the beginning but since it was in the capital of Syria and very far from my city the idea was rejected by my family. So I decided to get my degree come to Dubai and work my way up and go to the academy here and when they did the test for me they told me I’m already advanced and gifted so thank god I worked a bit on this and took some courses for news editing and presenting in front of the camera. 

  1. You have always wanted to take media since young and what kept you always focused on that dream?

As I mentioned earlier I like to be a person or a face who can inform people about things and who talks to them, sending them the right messages. For me as well the formal Arabic language was quite difficult and different from the street language and u need to be very professional and study it to be able to present news I used to be so in love with this language and presenting and it is all about passion, the whole idea of media is the passion about this field and I like every part of this field, the tiring, stressful where you are full of adrenaline.

  1. What are the challenges you had to go through to get here in media?

     Like every other profession when you start a new job, media has its challenges too, and sometimes even more so. You are being broadcast in front of the world for everyone to watch all performances you give, so it was a challenge for me to prove myself and to be on air and one f the biggest channels in the middle east for the first time in my life. My heart was beating a million in a second and that feeling and happiness is what helps me over one any challenge that may follow throughout this career. I was also a very shy person being there was an unforgettable experience for me and its always not easy when there are many people with a very competitive mind

  1. What does your present life look like right now?

    I enjoy doing content on social media and I speak sometimes about the news or public matters, fashion tips like lifestyle, and so on. I like to do a few things by the side even though I might not work in the news but I also have different personalities in my normal life and different interests and trying to be more myself on social media. I have released my brand as well with the first launch it succeed and it is all related to beauty and the ladies love it and for future have many dreams and I have many things in my mind and soon I will be having my TV show for the first time and I hope to grow in business side by side with media. Me dreaming about bigger things will be the last day of my life.

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