Aromas of love, Spices of Obsession: Interview with Chef Alexandros Sperxos


What better way to express yourself when the emotions sizzle through your veins the minute you take a bite of that one dish that speaks to you on a level which only you can understand. Food. A genuine, symbolic ingredient of love that binds us all together. And that is exactly how you would feel when you taste Chef Alexandros’s masterpieces of dishes. His food has the innate capacity to take you on a captivating adventure, making you run out of words. Even if it’s just a bite. This award-winning chef from Kalavryta, Greece has dedicated his culinary career to placing Greek cuisine globally, making sure it receives the appreciation and love it deserves. From leading three restaurants to now co-owning the most sought-after restaurants in the U.A.E, Chef Alexandros is also a well-known and respected ambassador as he can be found dedicating his time to consult restaurants, organizing top events with his proficiency and extensive knowledge. He doesn’t need a title that shows his impressive contributions and accolades, as he leads by example…. allowing his legacy to speak for itself. It is also his passion for Greek gastronomy and culture that has shaped and made him into the established maestro we see him as today. 

Let’s hear it from the man himself, chef Alexandros Sperxos on how he made it to the top and what we should be on the look-out for. 


Let’s start off with a different approach. When I think of food, I think about them as ‘fun aromas of passion.’ What made you believe that this was your calling? How did the power of food speak to you?

My journey began when I was a teenager. I had my first professional experience within the family business as they own a boutique hotel & restaurant in my hometown Kalavrita, Greece, a beautiful village in the mountains. The smells and flavors of the food my mother and grandmother served here, is one of the main reasons why I chose to establish my name in this career.


What makes Greek Cuisine so unique? What according to you is the main element you use to make your masterpieces encapsulating? 

“Growing up in a small village, my family and I were always surrounded by incredible farms and we always had such great produce! Unfortunately, Greek cuisine doesn’t get much recognition around the globe in comparison to other cuisines. I’ve always wanted to show the world the experiences I’ve been so lucky to witness,  such as collecting fresh herbs from the mountains near my family home to then concocting my own creations in a  very unique and traditional way. I find the best way to do this is to take years of great culinary tradition and modernize them, both in terms of palate and presentation and the best team is always around me.

I use all the traditional cooking methods with the latest technology and unique equipment.


This is something I’m curious to know: are there any dishes in particular you aren’t fond of or don’t enjoy making much? 

The answer is no. I don’t see it that way.  I’ve always had a great passion & focus on traditional dishes. These flavors are ingrained in me. These authentic flavors have always directed my cooking. I love presenting all traditional, rustic dishes in an artistic and modern way.


Food is love. Food is life. Without food life would be boring. Please elaborate from a Chef experts P.o.V

I do agree that Food is love & life. But it all depends on the person who is making the food. There should be passion and love towards whatever you are creating and one should be capable of giving life to a greater taste. Or life would be boring without good food.


How do you mix colors with the food you create? In your own words, what’s your color of love if you combine it with one dish?

Personally, I love wearing black and white outfits. As a chef I always imagine that the plate is like a canvas. Every  artist experiences or possesses a  different mood.  I love  a combination of different colors too, such as  red, green and yellow.  I personally feel that colours and food combined together, merge with our soul, attitude and further makes us energetic and passionate.


You co-own EfZin Restaurant which has a plethora of Greek dishes further becoming a massive success. You are an official ambassador for the Greek Gastronomy in the UAE…. your success speaks volumes! What more would you like to share with us? 

EfZin took a unique approach to Greek cuisine that really allowed me to put in all of my passion. Classical Greek flavors with a huge range of ingredients were flying in especially from the small farms and producers in Greece whilst incorporating modern techniques and plating without compromising our culinary history, with my team working for several years for new recipes. Unique experience is the key to creating beautiful tasty dishes.

If you look at it now, social media is now a game changer when it comes to promoting and discovering hidden talents. How do you think it has paved the way for giving out more opportunities to aspiring talents who aim to establish themselves in the culinary industry? 

The chef’s work is hard work. First you have to grow yourself as a chef with traveling, taste different varieties of food, see how it is growing the earthy products you will be using to go back to the roots where you grow up, Respect and the hard work to create your recipes with your own talent and make sure you show the inspiration, energy and all your talent at the social media to help you grow and support your business as we leave 2022 and social media is very important to the business. To show the world the art you are creating. I think social media gives many opportunities’ and inspires many young talented chefs to grow faster and even learn new techniques, colors, recipes etc.


Last but not the least … Are there any exciting projects you’d be willing to share with Victor Magazine? Or do you want to keep it a suspense for now?

As the people know me as private exclusive chef I am starting my chefsperxos private club where our supporters /friends/guest and only the members will be having the chance to experience the taste of our tastes, culture etc. 

Till this time soon we will be starting to have one of the most exciting tasting experiences in a different location every time and it will be very exciting to be a part of. Please follow me on Instagram to find out more about the above project. It is coming soon.

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