Benedict’s Balladries’:

Benedict's Balladries

Unrestricted thoughts, factual talk

Some say its nature, many claim its nurture

Wishing you much success in your struggle,

a mountain to climb and gold to find.

Your plan is in place, your goal is in sight.

Small steps are taken by some, large ones by others.

They say you have to be careful, but the path they don’t warn you about is dangerous.

If you don’t follow the instructions, you are doing it incorrectly.

Build it by your hands, it’s in your blood naturally.

There are priorities, there are emotions.

Fortune may come to some naturally, and it may be fought for by others.

There are those who are forced to inherit, and there are those who are abandoned for it.

There are those who inherit money, and there are those who inherit people.

When building a better future, does humanity lose sight of its purpose?

If the stairs are people, is it right to climb the ranks to go higher?

Take some classes for it, but why does it come to him gracefully?

It is said to dream big but remain realistic.

Aspire to be the best without being unlike anyone else.

Struggle is part of the journey; well, they didn’t seem to have to go through it.

Bonding is a must, train harder to succeed

Do it with closed eyes, but perfect the art of it first.

Paid to be thought, naturally inherited the genes.

In blood its built to be great to make art, stolen is all remains.

Sing louder, spin faster, be thinner work for it, but they don’t have to?

Diet for years but hers is genetic they say

Practice makes perfect, never seen them practice a day in their life.

Work hard, work smart.

Born with gifts, born to try again.

It was passed down generations, but what if you want to give it up.

Be the one, but try to be just someone.

Late nights practicing, he won despite being out partying.

Keep trying you will get there, no I won’t.

It will come to you naturally, bleeding all over now.

She has it all, I want to be her.

He does it so perfectly, he is all I want to be.

Finio- BJ

Talent is such a widespread phenomenon, it’s a word thrown around so casually but has the potential to make or break lives. They argue nurture or nature but don’t see the drawbacks of their obsession that fizzles the soul into hating it all.

It might be a family talent but why assume every member has it, the pressure to be honed at something specific to be known that you’re good at something takes the toll on every aspect of oneself. Honing one’s talent into something they genuinely enjoy is what makes the person proud of that talent and want to keep practicing that talent. 

Some try hard but can never reach the goal or the potential of someone who is just naturally good at that specific thing, and this is no way any of their fault but societies. Because they will always compare and try to belittle the one that’s not up to the mark.  Parents pay thousands for classes, for tutors and then demolish that child’s esteem when they can’t do it as well as the person who does it naturally or with passion. 

Talent shaming and comparing exists in all possible factors around us and we subconsciously force ourselves into that mind set growing up. Why are we not good enough, why can they do it but not me, ill try harder but its useless. Having a talent doesn’t define you as a person, you yourself makes you great as it is. Your mind, heart, soul is enough to make you a great person. 

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