Benedict’s Balladries’:

Benedict’s Balladries

Unrestricted thoughts, factual talk 

Whish full thinking, struggle shapes up,

Mountains to conquer, valleys of gold.

Agenda is set, goal seems closer.

Some start small, some reach small.

Make it big they say, the path is what they don’t warn you about.

Do it a certain way or you are doing it wrong.

Priorities are made, emotions lost in the way.

Some may be born with fortune, some struggle for it.

Some forced to inherit, some forsaken for it.

To some its money, to some its family.

A better life to build, does humanity get lost in the way?

Climb the ranks to go higher, but is it right if the stairs are people?

Dream to be great, but keep it realistic they say.

Dream to be great, but not to be different.

Does it a certain way, but there is no proven method?

Complete your education, but the big ones dropped out?

Philosophies buried inside, meaningless words they became.

Your grades carry value, lies told till today.

Does finance, do economy but be different than millions?

Artistic is shamed, seen with no value.

Contracts are signed, life is shackled.

The stocks are rising, the nfts are buzzing, did we lose touch for humanity along the way?

Cities are bombed, children are starved. But wait that nft is doing great.

Starvation concluded for cameras, charities given for media, do we actually care?

Invest here invest there, how to invest in a better humanity?

Wars are fought, lives are lost, struggles are portrayed.

It takes years, it can’t take years, it takes being smart, it takes being empathetic.

Need more experience, but why did we study for those years then?

Proves yourself but for others.

Work harder than other, while some can just walk to success.

Success is futile, money is where its at.

Hardwork is meaningless, smartness is what makes money.

Success means money, success means humanity to others.

Success is earned, success is inherited.

Success can make one devoid, success can make one human.

Success is its own to each.

Finio- BJ

The world we know, is run by the mindset that success means all. But success is such a vast term and can mean anything to a certain individual. To some it means a happy family life, to some it means mansions and cars and to some it simply means the fruition of their hard labour.

As children we are forced to understand the ideology that success is what we need to aim for in life, but at the same time we are put in a state of education and lies. Where success means following societies rules, success means good grades, success means monetary benefits solely. And while each one to its own, we are made to believe to set goals and not thought that failure is part of the success, we are not told that its okey to be different and that sometimes being different is the way to success that following society wont always get you what you want but might just end up being their puppet.

Success is hard and trifling, its sometimes a long journey and sometimes a short one but how we see success it depends on us, how we value each moment and treat each situation as success is what matters. Treat your goals as things that might make a difference even if its just towards yourself. Waking up in the morning is a success to some, eating a proper meal can be success, calling to check up on your mother is a success, treat everything as a success and a stepping stone into a better future because success is what you want it to be not what society has written out for you to be. 

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