Benedict’s Balladries’: Unrestricted thoughts, factual talk

Benedict’s Balladries

Eyes are met, words are spoken a connection is felt

Hands are held, words are yelled but iris’s still glisten

Thoughts are jumbled words unspoken; the pain is immense

Rocks on windows, roses on caskets but significance lasts and bides

Echoes of a child, blankets hugged tight the warmth ever lasts

Pain is felt, memories made. Would it be better to let go?

Flowers are planted, pets are fostered with ecstasy, is it the same?

Drinks are poured, lighters are lit yet laughter is gone

Papers rings made, Taylor swift plays. Could’ve sworn the pain would last longer

Miles is maintained, calls are pertained but the warmth isn’t there

Cakes are baked, gowns are draped, vows are made

Fantasies created; escapism has formed as long as it hurts less

Trauma is fostered, trust is tortured but all in the name of love?

Achievements achieved; happiness is felt even if not yours

Dreams are dreamt, appearances are made. Do they have a meaning?

Roses are plucked, candies are packed, will the confession be heard?

Promises broken, tales forsaken, a façade was it all?

Porch light left lit, miscall from “mom” it still feels like home

Blanket wrapped; sacrifices made yet understanding is broken

Pennies scrapped; seat belt strapped will she make ends meet?

Abandoned streets, fleets of feelings. A toy in the playfield

Hate spewed, hands flung but love lasts

Fatigue takes over, cat runs over, warmth takes over

Surprises made; items created. Feelings curated

Hobbies turn passion, passion craft earnings, is it still passion?

Coffee is brewed, curry is stewed, act of love they call it

Feelings yelled; thoughts enticed to be spoken

Intimacy craved, laws broken, warmth but temporary

Told to confess but restricted to some, society will shatter

Born to love, but told a mistake just because it’s indifferent

Love is dark, love is deep, love is different, love is painful, love is love.

Finio- BJ

From love that conquers worlds, to love that creates warmth. Defining it will never be as simple as a description.

From love a mother has to give a child, to love of letting the right one go. It can be painful but a choice to be made. Love is an emotion and has lasted since the dawn of time. It exists amongst several species but we choose to state we know what it is? 

We pretend we can define love; we can judge love, we can advocate it, but why? We are told it’s the easiest thing to fall in love with a passion, a person, a pet but what if it is the hardest aspect to also achieve. We state we know love and when we are in love, but can we really differentiate between infatuation and a couple of chemicals that are released into the brain to make us believe what is love.

Love is seen as shades of red, but we never choose to question what if it’s yellow to someone like sun rays that bring warmth or a sign of caution or danger.

What if it’s blue to some, like the calm waves of the ocean or the unrelentless depth of the seas and unknown?

What if it’s black to some, like luxury and class but deep and meaningful or the unnerving sense of not understanding.

We can’t determine how someone treats love but we can choose to acknowledge when it’s wrong or right.

Love isn’t always right. There will always be wrong and right aspects in life and this translates to love also. Love can be done wrong and hurtful love can be right and blissful. We are told we are supposed to be creatures of love yet we restrict that emotion for some because it doesn’t fit the norms. Because it’s something you were taught was wrong, love is uncontrollable at times love is harmless at times love is love and everyone deserves a chance at it. Gatekeeping love is measures taken when it’s morally wrong, love will hurt, love will bring joy, love will bring warmth, love will make some mature and some a child. Love is an indescribable emotion that can take lives and make wars start, love isn’t something to be underestimated. 

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