Benedict’s Balladries’: Unrestricted thoughts, factual talk

Thoughts, perception and subconscious behaviour which you swear is a completely independent unique judgement. 

Time, fashion, beauty and galore intricately swirls you into the warp of “lifestyle”.

Decisions made, screen swiped, card declined, could’ve sworn you just had enough in your account.

The shoe fits, the blanket sits, the sweater in the fire pit. It’s not a hasty decision, it’s for the best as one says.

Waltz out with eyes glimpsing past, yes “I stand out” uniqueness is my second name sprints across your thoughts.

Go for brunch, it’s a healthy stop anyways. After all, you would know since it’s an independent choice, right?

That brand is outdated, that store is unethical, and their food is not organic. But why would you know?

Lectured when young to watch your mouth and don’t be “influenced” by the loud kids.

Kept growing but kept hearing the same words, now perpetrated towards a different set of audiences.

But they seem like they’re having fun? Would it not be okay to just be “influenced” to live life a little?

Vision is hazy, parents are acting crazy. What are they always on about?

Online news, quick articles on Facebook, parents are first to spread it in family groups. But isn’t that an “influence” as well.

Professor’s praise one for being quiet and decent, as tell the louder ones to use the quiet one as an “influence” assuming everyone should be the same? 

Girls like pink? Boys like blue? But who said so? Was it just the “influence” of society on the thoughts we perceive?

Preachers preach, rioters’ riot, debaters’ debate but based on what? All on the fact they want to “influence” the topic they are passionate about?

Purchases are made, people are tagged, packages are sent. Why do we look for validation in the statements of others?

Walk into the crowd, glance around, 17 more shoes are worn just like yours? Could’ve sworn you thought you would stand out.

Names are spoken, celebrities are woven densely into the fabric you wear.

Lip gloss is smacked, blush is packed, cards are stacked, its okay we will wear it because she who has over a million followers said so.

Consultants speak, initiators initiate and now the business has a better net worth, is it really because of “influence”

Papers are shredded, plastic is rejected, ice caps keep melting. Well just paper straws, right?

People on platforms are cancelled, some are followed while some are forgotten, but their sweatshirts are still stylish.

Remarks are made, opinions are façade, which item is worth spending on? How about that one mentioned by that “influencer”

Finio- BJ

The world we know, the world we will know even if we can’t admit it, the power of influence will always have unspoken ways of taking over. May it from when we are still children and the influence, we rely on are our parents and as we get older it’s our peers, if we do stray away, we are called outcasts or “different” but end up creating an influence of our own onto others even if it is intangible.

We are told as a society to be indifferent and follow a certain path, but we are still biased, and we still are influenced for the good and for the bad, it’s up to us as humans to perceive who is what and who is not. We evolve and keep growing, our thoughts and perceptions keep widening for the better. 

We can now choose who influences us and the power to be the one to influence. From beauty, to fashion, to medicine, to businesses we are influenced subconsciously without knowing what to purchase and what to experience, may it be you heard it just once on a radio or glanced past a billboard, but your brain registered it, and even if it comes up a lot later and you will swear it was an independent decision but was it really? 

Aside from just being influenced, there is constant influencing happening behind the scenes, in the closed curtains. That aid businesses to grow, for major decisions to be made, to approve a certain chemical in a new serum. Influences will always exist as it has from the dawn of time in every aspect and is unavoidable, it’s up to us to decide what you accept as an influence in yourself. 

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