Boracay: Paradise Island

Pristine beaches, Turquoise waters., Powdery white sand, Breathtaking sunsets. Boracay, an island in the Philippines, has long been known as one of the best beaches in the world. This tropical paradise has garnered international acclaim for its beauty. Tourists from all over the world flock to the beaches of Boracay, especially during summer, to experience a different sense of adventure and relaxation. Dubbed as the island that never sleeps, the island offers a lively atmosphere and memorable experience. From adventures on land and sea to partying till you drop, Boracay has it all. Grab a pen and put Boracay in your bucket list for we are giving you reasons why it should be there.

Unmatched beauty of nature.
The island is known for its natural beauty, truly a work of art itself. Crystal clear waters amaze both locals and foreigners and the pure white sand are too soft. The picturesque landscape the island offers is sight to behold. No wonder that this destination has topped the list of the best beaches in the world countless of times.

Ethereal hues of the sunset
Sunsets in Boracay are magical and breathtaking – a perfect scenario for a romantic and tropical getaway. The stunning coastline, palm trees and soft sand in the toes add to a romantic ambience that will surely take the breath away of couples in love. Watching the sun descend, however, does not mean that the fun comes to an end already.

Rich biodiversity
Boracay may be a small island but it is rich in biodiversity. Beneath the crystal clear water is a whole new world waiting to be explored. Tourist can try snorkeling to see a wide variety of fish and coral reefs. Divers can explore more of the island’s beauty underwater as well. In the land, the island is a haven for different species of birds.

Epic beach parties
As soon as the magical sun sets, epic beach parties take place along the shores of the island. While it boasts of soft and white sand, Boracay is also a haven for those who enjoy the nightlife with its beach clubs and bars. Live music performances and fire dancing create an ambience full of pulsating energy. For the center of the party scene, head on to Station 2 where most of the beach clubs and bars are located.

Tranquil ambience
Despite having a full energy of nightlife, there are areas in the island that still give a sense of tranquility. One can just walk on the shore with waves touching the feet and just feel the wind embracing the skin. If you’re into soul searching or just wanted to empty the mind, Boracay is the place for you. You get the best of both worlds at your sandy feet.

Captivating memories
For friends and family who want to be on an adventure, there are a wide array of land and water activities Boracay has to offer. Tourists can choose from jet skiing to parasailing to paddle boarding to skim boarding to riding a banana boat and a whole lot more. Make sure to have your insta worthy photo in the famous crystal kayaks.

Friendly locals
Boracay may be known for its natural beauty but if there’s anything more that the island can be proud of, it will be their locals. Their locals are known to be warm, hospitable and ready to help. Immersing in the country’s culture and environment would not be complete without connecting with the locals. You get to have a deeper understanding of their life and culture. Maybe they can teach you a new word or two.

Although Boracay can be visited all year round, the best time to visit is during summer. Remember to plan your trip ahead and take note of the peak tourist season which runs between December to April. Be sure to seize the moment and be in that tropical state of mind.


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