Cecile Lobert: Unique & Celebrated Global Artist

Cecile Lobert

Born in Brussels, Belgium on the 23rd of April 1992, Cécile Lobert is a non-verbal visual abstract expressionist painter who addresses consciousness in its raw form. Her compositions establish a style perhaps best-known for its emancipation from normative outlooks and references, offering deeply felt compositions from a rarefied place—traversing the chasm wrought by the void of language and social instruction.

Diagnosed with autism by the age of three, her evolution was to be alternative. Daughter to Olga Rodovni, a Bolshoi opera vocal coach and to Belgian ambassador, legal scholar, theologian and philanthropist, Henry Lobert; she spent her youth in the United Arab Emirates, France and Libya. Her first composition was a commission by her sister in 2014, who had observed over years Lobert’s disposition to drawing.

Where artists work at tearing down social preconceptions, Lobert knows nothing other than this existential space so sought-after and dissects reality as we see it, to offer a version of consciousness free from set norms, perceptions and prejudices.

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