Chef Alexandros Sperxos takes his burrata to blockchain – the world’s first NFT chef to announce his ticket to an exclusive real-world experience


They say that you eat with your eyes first, and in this case the expression is true! NFT’s are changing the way we experience food forever, and award-winning Greek chef Alexandros Sperxos is taking things a step further by combining his passion for food and art.

For those who are still asking ‘what are NFTs?’ these are non-fungible tokens, a unique digital file that’s stored on a blockchain network. Fungibility is an item that can be replaced by another identical one, and if something is non-fungible there is nothing with the same characteristics that can replace it. NFTs in the digital realm increase demand and value. Are you still with us?

How are food and NFTs related? Apart from digital dining being all the rage, here’s how: Introducing innovative vision into the industry these NFTs offer real-world rewards, not just digital art and if NFTs are ever to become mainstream they need to translate to tangible rewards.

The first collection of Chef Sperxos’ special NFT includes digital artwork of Glow in the Dark dishes; The Harvest (burrata salad, crispy tomato skin, Greek dehydrated olives, dressed with pesto), The Ocean ‘AKTE’ (scallops glowing on a bed of citrus foam), The HUNT Meet Vitamins (Wagyu steak hanging on purple carrot purée, greens buster purée, collagen sauce), Sweet of the Greek Gods (foggy Greek orange cake nestled on top of ice mountains), and two mocktails; The Art of Vitamin (organic earthy citrus with wild crispy orange cigars) and The Volcano (smoky purple berries, mint infused with wild bee honey).

Bidders will have the chance to meet Chef Sperxos at a private glow in the dark experience, located in The Alley Al Quoz, the UAE’s first and only dark padel courts with the above exclusive menu. There is also a NFT of Chef Alexandros Sperxos himself, bids at the ready!

Chef Sperxos commented, “This is the first of many artistic masterpieces curated on a plate, whilst entering the world of NFTs and I am excited to showcase them to the world. My cooking ethos is to use the highest quality organic ingredients, and my style of cooking is to always deliver dishes with an artistic flair – using shapes, colours and textures which create a unique culinary experience. Stay tuned for my next craziest concept of fine dining and NFTs – it’s not to be missed!”

Chef Alexandros Sperxos’ culinary NFTs will be available to bid on from today at

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