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Have you ever wondered what the world would be like if there is no content? Lifeless. Colorless. We’ll be living probably in a monochromatic world with no things to look forward to and with no new ideas and knowledge to share. With technology growing at an unprecedented speed through the years, content creation has been the apple of the eye of people who had the courage to share their wildest ideas, dreams, and imaginations and engage the public to cultivate a sense of relatability among them. It has become more significant than ever considering the fact that consumers are always online and marketers have taken the digital world by storm. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates said that content is king but I think it’s more than that now – content is shaping our world.

Take for example the digital best friend of almost everybody, Google. Most people can’t imagine life without it. How to bake a cake? How to start a business? What is the meaning of life? You can ask basically anything you want even the silliest of things like how to tie a shoelace. This roots from the innate nature of man to be curious. We always seek answers to our questions and we are privileged in the existence of people who share their thoughts and opinions and satisfy our need for information.

How about entertainment? Different platforms have been built over the years to support content creation. It’s basically the videos you watch on YouTube to keep you entertained after a long day at work; or the podcast you listen to keep you updated on the current trends in the society; or the photos you see on Facebook and Instagram to keep you informed on the events happening around us; or even the blogs you read in the middle of the night when you’re feeling nostalgic. Content creation has given businesses tons of benefits as people try to discover their brand and products while creating engagement and relationships among their targeted customers. Marketers are very keen nowadays not to be left behind the curve by using content as a driving force to make their businesses attain a greater reach of audiences.

We are already in the era where technology has taken control of our daily lives and one may not want to imagine living without its existence. Such as in the case of content where it has become a part of our being. Scrolling down through the feeds of our social media pages, we look into different kinds of content that people share to the world every day from fashion and style; to science and technology; to history and education; to business and politics. Hence, it may be right to say that content, now, has made the world go round. 

Consistency in content creation

Probably the biggest mistake a content creator can do is to stop creating content. When you found your niche and your way into the algorithm already, there is no stopping it. Cliché as it sounds but consistency really is the key to being successful in the world of content creation. Some even find their purpose in creating content as a fulfillment to be of help to other people. Frequently posted and related qualitative content is what consistency is all about in the marketing and business world. The content has to be relatable and consistent at the same time to engage more people and create brand awareness. True as it is, giving out information is the common denominator for all content but the power they hold to influence our beliefs and way of living is immensely great.

Billions of people use different platforms so just imagine how much content you encounter every single day, not to mention millions of it are being posted online every minute. It may seem hard in the beginning but keeping up with content creation and posting schedules are big factors and having a strategic plan will have a major impact on you and your brand. People will always want more as long as your content is relevant to them and it is the creator’s job to give them what they want. That is the foundation of creating content in the first place – giving people what they want.

Data never sleeps

The absence of data would mean the absence of content as well. Creators mainly depend on data and ideas that allow them to make content that is relevant to them. Think about the time when you searched for the top countries in the world to go to during summer or the best seafood restaurants in the city. Remember about the moment you heard about the results of the Olympics and World Cup and how much you enjoyed cheering on your favorite teams. How about the funny videos you watched on YouTube and TikTok that made you stay up all night? With the data collected, it is in the hands of the creators to do the magic of storytelling. The connection built with the audiences through storytelling is impactful and it can make or break them. We’re simply consuming a massive amount of data and information but we digest very little of it most of the time. It must hold a sense of engagement for the audience to understand and realize its impact on them.

Surely enough, people have a need to feel that they were inspired, learned something, or entertained after seeing your content. Aside from satisfying the need for information, we need to tap into their emotions as well. That’s when you know you have hit them right on the spot. Now, who runs the world? Is it still girls? Beyonce might disagree on this but I say, content creators, run the world.



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