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Daniel Angibaud


At the end of my studies, I spent 17 years in business in marketing and general management. In 1985 I created a firm specializing in the identification and study of niche markets for companies and economic development structures. Subsequently the activity was extended to pre-launch marketing studies of new products.
The guiding thread of my journey is the creation of new activities; whether it is developing the industrial fabric of a labor pool, testing the market for new technology, or marketing an innovative product. The mastery of innovation marketing techniques has enabled me to intervene in many sectors over the past 36 years.
Along with consulting missions, I created and launched several innovative products. From a needs analysis completed by a creative “out of the box” reflection, they quickly became leader in their markets.
The last activity in its own right, “Les Trophées de l’Innovation Océan ®”, is an event created in 2018. It is the result of a forward-looking analysis of the development of innovation in actions to protect the oceans and the sustainable exploitation of their resources. I was able
to gather on this project the most important structures for the development of innovation in the maritime world. The 5 trophies awarded in 2021 attest to the diversity of innovations:
new technology to raise gambas without antibiotics and polluting releases; tracking system for containers lost at sea; sewage treatment technology on board vessels; on-board electro-hydrogen unit for zero CO2 emissions navigation; new sails/propulsion wings of commercial vessels to reduce the share of fossil fuels consumed.
I recently sold this event to a major French bank.


I’ve always liked to create something new, challenge the existing, imagine the impossible. It’s a need, a reflex. This has served me throughout my professional career. I add the visceral I need to get a result. Innovation for innovation is pointless. For me, true innovation is the innovation that will enable us to acquire and retain the profitable part of a market. But I do not see that the purpose of innovation is solely financial. It must be a source of value and a source of real value in satisfying a need. This condition is a “plus” factor to be taken into
account in the marketing of innovation.


Among my projects, the one that is most dear to my heart is to transpose the event “Lestropées de l’Innovation Océan ®” created in France to the international level. This will be an annual award for ten initiatives, actions and innovations with global impact in favor of
protecting the oceans for the sustainable exploitation of their resources. It will be open to international organizations, States, companies, individuals.
I would like to bring together partners and personalities on this high-profile project to identify initiatives and to choose the prizes to be awarded.

Daniel Angibaud

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