Dating in Dubai #8


“How to Dubai Date with Direction”

Dating in the 2020’s can be complex, complicated, and confusing. The dating apps give a false perception that there is a never-ending list of options in the dating pool, but when it comes down to it…how many of these options are real, really single, quality, or even a good match for you? There is a lot of time and energy wasted on the apps coupled with damaged self-esteem or lack of confidence in the dating scene.

What is the solution? Empowered dating! My four-step system helps you gain direction in dating, elevate your dating standards, and attract your ideal partner.

Double D-U-C:

The first D: Delete the apps. Get rid of the swiping, pointless chat, made-to-be-broken dates, and channel that lost energy into yourself.

The second D: Date yourself! Create a list of at least ten things that make you innately happy. Make it visible and promise yourself to do at least one or two of these things every day. Some examples included on my ‘Love Yourself List’ are reality television, yoga, and playing with my puppy. Dating yourself also includes investing in a hobby or interest that you would like to start or further your expertise in. Investing in yourself makes you highly attractive!

U: Create your USP list! What are your unique selling points? List all of your accomplishments, achievements, and star attributes. What do you bring to the table and to a relationship? Once you have established that you are a ten out of ten, your confidence is immediately boosted and you start putting yourself on a pedestal. And, once you’re on a pedestal…it’s easier to see both the green and the red flags. This also helps you to become a better picker of a partner and flips the script. You will no longer think “Does he/she like me?”, your new outlook will be “Do I like them?”.

And, of course, C: Call me! Once you’ve established yourself as the CEO of your dating life, explore an alternative to the current dating scene by joining Christiana Maxion Solutions. Everyone has two options with our service: 1-Create a profile on our database of vip singles AND/OR 2-Apply to become a premium paying client. We have the largest matchmaking database in the world and are the only agency that offers unlimited matchmaking opportunities for our client memberships.


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