Dating in Dubai Tip #7

Dating in Dubai

Dating should be the most fun time in your life, especially in your twenties! Whether you are fresh out of university or interested in attracting your soulmate, you’re most likely dating with less familial or biological pressures…so enjoy it! My number one tip would be that dating is a numbers game and to embrace it! Date as many different types of people as you can from as many different places as you can. Date the map. Dubai is the most fantastic place to date because you can literally date the map! With over two hundred nationalities represented in the UAE, you can explore relationships with all types of people from all walks of life. By having access to a very varied pool of people, you can explore and find out what you really are attracted to. So always say YES to a first date! You never know 😉

I would encourage twenty-something’s to go on group dates. If you get asked out on a date, ask your date to bring two of their friends and you bring two of yours. This is not only a sure fire way to vet your date but also to explore your options! Maybe you’ll get on better with one of his mates or even play matchmaker for one of your friends. Group dates are also great because there’s less pressure to ‘perform’ and you’ll feel more at ease with your friends around. My favorite places in Dubai for a group date are TopGolf for golf games and sports watching, Brass Monkey for bowling and arcade, or an escape room! Have an excellent dating reputation: Dubai is a small town of rotating singles, so an excellent dating reputation is a must! I always advise three simple steps: be on time, be kind, and be engaging on EVERY date! Even if the person who you are on a date with is not your match, it’s important to impress them. Although they might not be your match, they might be so impressed by you that they introduce you to their friend, coursin or boss who is a much more suited partner for you!

Be cognisant of relationship traffic lights—is it a green, amber, or red?! If you’re just starting to see someone, the only question to ask yourself is Am I still curious about this person? The answer to this question will let you know whether or not to continue to see this person. If you are in a relationship, an easy question to ask yourself is: Am I having fun? When it’s no longer fun…RUN! You’re too young to be sad and feel stuck in a relationship. Never feel stuck. You always have options. But keep your options open by always keeping your friend group whilst being in a relationship. Don’t lose friends and isolate yourself, or you will feel like there is no other option than to stay in a bad relationship. Always be aware and attracted to how the person makes you feel and treats you, rather than their looks or status.

Dating should be fun! So enjoy it 😉

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