Deck the halls A festive home décor guide

Regardless of when you start decorating for Christmas as early as Halloween ends or even if you get a late start, we all need some inspiration and direction when it comes to some tips and tricks that will upscale the entire outlook of your home. 

While the classic essential decors are a must, there are some considering aspects to look out for or even a special touch and we are here to help you Deck your halls to their complete potential. 

  1. Mini trees everywhere, if you aren’t one for the whole minimalistic feel then why stick to just one big Christmas tree, go all out and place smaller ones across your home from mantels to cabinets and they fit with most interior styles so go all out. 
  2. A fluffy rug under the tree, a Christmas tree solely on the floor doesn’t feel complete, you can opt for a white rug to give the feel of fallen snow or even just brown to give a more rustic nature vibe. 
  3. Fill your jars with Christmas treats, we all have empty jars laying around and if you want to give your house a more homely and Christmas vibe, well just fill up those jars with cookies, candy canes and any Christmas treat that comes to mind and place them on countertops. 
  4. A delightful centerpiece, a centerpiece on tables is a must so why not go ahead and get out your empty trays and make an assortment of decors, candles and a mini tree and place it right in that living room table.
  5. Go crazy with garlands and wreaths, your windows look empty? Place a garland around it, your dining chairs seem basic? Place a wreath behind it. There is no such thing as too little when it comes to Christmas, if it’s your front door place an enlarged garland and wreath why not get more in spirit and place a garland across your walls as well.
  6. Handmade decors, do you have kids and they want to help in decorating? Well, why not gather and make handmade decors from string lights in a bottle, to their own little Christmas ornaments. It’s always great to get the whole family involved in the Christmas spirit. 

While we have given you a few ideas on how to sway away from your essential decorating strategy, we would also like to give you 3 strong pointers when it comes to decorating your home and why to focus on them.

  1. Invest in high quality lighting, it’s all about brightening up the atmosphere and bringing light into your home so investing in good quality lighting from LED, fairy lights or even chandeliers but remember to invest in warm tone lighting for a more homely and welcoming atmosphere.
  2. Fragrance is key, it may seem like a pattern to focus the sensory system of humans but honestly that’s how you make a lasting memory and when entering the house and the welcoming fragrance of either cinnamon or hot chocolate using assorted candles or even incense sticks can elevate the vibe of your home.
  3. Cohesive décor, look around and notice your sofa covers, curtains or even table mats. Try and make sure they are dolled up as well, contrasting cushion covers and different but harmonious shades in each aspect of the house can give a whole different feel.
Photo by: Tyler Delgado (Unsplash)

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