Diving for Pearls

It’s that time of year again; February, the month of Valentine’s. It’s the month of love, where the city is covered in hearts and all things red. It’s the month where many/some/none of us spend a small fortune proving/celebrating our love for our respective partners.

It’s amazing what we are willing to do for the people we love, just to see them smile, feel valued and understand just how much they mean to us. We don’t just do it one day a year, we do it all year round and without even thinking twice. We actually do it effortlessly.

Here’s the funny thing though, if I asked you to show yourself that same level of effortless love and care, I would hazard a guess that many of us would struggle. I know I do!

Without thinking twice I would move mountains for the people I love, but when it comes to myself I tend to drag my feet. It can wait til tomorrow, yet tomorrow never comes.

Not anymore.

I’ve decided 2024 is going to be the year of magic! It’s going to be the year where I am going to shower myself with an abundance of love, care, joy and adventure.

I plan on dating myself and having a love affair with life! No more leaving until tomorrow what I can give myself today. All those hopes, dreams, self-care, to-do lists, travel, ideas, etc that I kept on the shelf for another day, will become a priority from today.

Loving yourself is the purest form of love you can practice, because it’s only when we love ourselves that we are able to truly love others.

So this Valentine’s I want you to think differently; or is the better word feel differently.

Take a moment to reflect and be honest with yourself as to whether you have been loving yourself enough. And if the answer to that is no, then maybe you should start by spoiling yourself first this Valentine.

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