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When it comes to eating healthy, the frowns and skepticism radiating from people’s faces is obvious. Who enjoys indulging their taste buds in foods that lack flavor? That lack a sense of liveliness? In today’s fast moving world eating the right kind of food is always a challenge for many. With everyone’s busy schedules, it is indeed a challenge to keep track of what is going into our systems. However, our consumption needs to be balanced, accompanied with timely and consistent eating .

Usually people do not associate happiness with eating healthy because when we talk about foods that make us happy we often picture burgers with creamy mayo, chicken with honey drizzle, crisps with extra salsa sauce and other foods that only taste and look amazing to the human eye! Junk foods namely, pizzas, burgers, sodas, pastries come to mind when we talk about happy or comfort foods. But why can’t we make happiness mandatory in our lives, by also striving to be healthy? No where is it mentioned that eating like a rabbit is the secret to everlasting health.

Do the words eat clean to stay fit and eat a burger to stay insane and free ring a bell?

When consuming certain types of food items, the calorie count, nutrients, quantity of food and at what timings they are consumed is crucial. On an average, women need to have an intake of 2000 calories and men need upto 2500 calories per day. Choosing the right food is often a way to start with. Foods that are your favourite need to be molded into a healthier version for you to enjoy and relish. For example, if pizza is on your mind and not a good idea to order everyday, it can still be made at home. Any takeaway that you wish to indulge in can be packed with nutrients that will not only serve your taste buds but also give you a sense of wholesomeness and keep your budgeting on track.

Getting into shape today and being fit is becoming a wellness trend. Online workout videos are taking over social media platforms. Trends like these tend to motivate people but looking fit and beautiful is not enough. ‘What you feed your body is what you become’, takes you a long way. The first meal of the day should always be the heaviest which should be packed with carbs and proteins. Carbohydrates give you energy and stamina to go about your day. Being charged with energy is important as it helps you perform efficiently and does not add too much exertion on your muscles. The next meal of the day must include proteins, vitamins and fiber. Fiber is a very important part of our diet which is most often neglected by people. We need roughage in our system in order to clear out any unwanted particles throughout our entire digestive tract. The last meal of the day needs to be the lightest and smallest in terms of quantity or proportion. As most of us around the world tend to go to bed after dinner, it is advisable to put minimum stress on our stomach and intestines.

Eating healthy does not indicate that one has to focus on what is eaten in a day. It is also important to have an adequate amount of liquids. Eight glasses of water is a must, as water has various properties and benefits that help us to sustain in improving our health. Once we become accustomed to eating healthy, it’s natural for us to feel happy. When we eat right and on time our body tends to have a different glow. This uplifts our mood and keeps our thoughts and minds at bay. Studies have shown that greater consumption of fruits and vegetables have physical as well as mental benefits. It is known to alleviate negative moods and make people think positively as well as be positive in their day.

Hence eating happy is directly related to eating healthy and that’s why the saying ‘Health is wealth!’.

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