Emirati Women’s Day – English quote from Dr. Shai Efrati

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Dr. Shai Efrati

Sharing quote from Dr. Shai Efrati of Aviv Clinic on the role Emirati women play in the advancement of healthcare in the UAE.

“Women around the world continue to make strong strides, taking on roles across a number of sectors; including science and medicine. But seeing the resilience and ambition of Emirati women and their constant quest to play a role in driving the advancement of healthcare in the UAE never ceases to amaze. Today, we see Emirati women making bold choices as influencers and advisors, informing policies and decision making in sciences, technology and innovation.

“As the UAE celebrates the Year of the 50th, I stand amazed at how the country and its sound leadership continue to empower Emirati women, ensuring their active inclusion to advance the country’s healthcare system, bringing it on par, if not exceeding global healthcare practices. Today is a celebration of their ever-growing achievements, and I have full faith in their contributions to realizing the UAE’s goals to become a leading medical tourism destination.” – Dr. Shai Efrati

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