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Over six months, Expo 2020 Dubai’s Programme for People and Planet has convened more than 220 exciting events and experiences across 10 theme weeks, addressing the greatest challenges and opportunities of our time – from climate change and the future of human health, to our exploration of outer space and an ever-expanding digital world.

The People and Planet podcast was designed to highlight some of the most compelling stories and conversations that took place across this rich and meaningful programme of events. Through this series, hosted by Bahraini social entrepreneur Tariq Al-Olaimy, we are shining a light on changemakers from around the world advancing critical dialogue and solutions within their communities, and inspiring audiences to have a tangible impact on the future of our planet and society.

A path-breaking space scientist who found her calling in the stars; a photographer determined to use her lens to capture the souls of those at the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic; a child of refugees harnessing his passion for connectivity to bring marginalized communities online; a chess Grandmaster revolutionizing how future generations learn and grow; an artist using his work to build bridges between communities; and many more. As Expo 2020 Dubai closes its doors, we leave you with this anthology of inspiring stories, that bridge the diverse cultures, geographies and experiences that make up our world.

People and Planet is available on all major podcast platforms – subscribe now and don’t miss our final episode coming out April 4. Listen on Apple Podcasts and Spotify

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