Face to Face

“Recognition of the Face” is Oblong Contemporary’s theme for the summer, invoking a personal confrontation to the eyes of the viewer.

Oblong Contemporary Gallery features an exciting group exhibition of the gallery’s most loved pieces for the summer months of June and July.


Portraits, looks, representations and homages will be on display along with stars of the cinema.

The exhibition reunites the creative expression of artists where no two can be compared in their style.

The representation of the ‘face’ being the only fascinating common denominator.

Manu Algueró’s recognizable and large-scale canvas explosions will be on the walls along with works by Flavio Luncchini, Antonio Nocera’s Pinocchio works, Paolo Vegas, Serero Pop Art, Paolo Vegas, Youn Kyoung Cho, Igor Mitoraj, Valerie Breuleux and Jiménez Deredia.

Face to Face” investigates a common denominator through the different techniques of the artists.


Exhibition Details –

Exhibition: Face to Face

Dates: 6th of June until the 31st of July 2022

Location: Oblong Contemporary Gallery, BlueWaters Island, Dubai

Timings: 10am – 10pm, everyday

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