Fashion and why we love it

Ever wondered why some people go gaga over fashion? Love it or hate it but the streets of the most fashionable cities in the world like Paris, London, New York and Milan are packed with trendsetters and fashionistas alike. 

One’s wardrobe may be full of neutral tops and bottoms or those bold and chic colors that lets you pop in the crowd. One may have a number of leggings in the closet or a variety of little black dresses. One may have a set of blue faded jeans and T-shirts of their favorite band. Whatever your preference is, you have those clothes because you like them and they make you feel good and comfortable. 

We ran down the reasons on why you, too, should love fashion as much as we do.

Confidence booster

There is really something about dressing up that boosts our confidence. When you look at yourself in the mirror and see a more confident version of you, it makes you ready to step out into the world and conquer the impossible. 

Most people dress up to feel more confident in themselves. Such is the reason for dressing up especially when you have a big meeting ahead of you. It gives you an internal power and control of yourself that reflects on your capabilities. What matters the most is what you feel in yourself because it always manifests on the outside. Nonetheless, don’t brush off the idea of “Looking good, feeling good” because it really is a boost in self-esteem.

A channel for self-expression

Fashion has long been dubbed as a form of self-expression. Over the decades, we have seen varieties of people setting up trends based on their personalities. From the classicists to being a Marilyn Monroe bombshell; from a rock star edgy type to feminine types like Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn; from being a minimalist to being an eclectic – your personality resonates in your own fashion and style. What we wear actually sends a nonverbal cue to the people around us to know more about who we are as individuals, particularly our personality, character and mood that we have.

Fashion as a creative platform

Wearable art is what fashion is. Our bodies are the canvases that these artists use to create their pieces. The art movement driven by fashion is something that sparked a great deal of influence and mark in the industry. The creativity and artistic prowess fashion designers possess are what brought us to wear what we are wearing today, bridging most of their art with comfort and for some, sustainability. Playing mix ‘n match in front your wardrobe is a display of creativity, for fashion is more than just clothes; fashion is art.

Constant evolution

With the constant change of fashion trends every year, fashion enthusiasts are always happy to update their wardrobes. Truth be told, fashion even has its own forecast every year! However, it does not change just for the sake of evolving. It is influenced by culture, tradition, technology and even the weather. 

These social, cultural and environmental factors are just some of the reasons why fashion is always in the forefront of the ever changing trends of the world. New trends keep on coming, not to mention the revival of fashion’s past favorites, which makes its unpredictability quite amusing.

Whatever fashion makes you feel, we should embrace the fact that it has infiltrated our daily lives. Fashion inspirations may come from one’s personality, style or culture but fashion will be forever a movement in the art world where passion and creativity reign. If you think you feel good with that faded blue jeans and T-shirt or if you feel sexy with that killer bandage mini dress, then by all means, wear it and love it!

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