Fashion vs Style
Why style always beats fashion

Who hasn’t seen the iconic fashion movie that seized the high fashion industry in the early 2000s, “The Devil Wears Prada”? With Andy’s (played by Anne Hathaway) transition from nerdy to trendy, similarly, it is evident to see how fashion plays a role in our day to day lives.

Fashion has become our way of life and for most, it tells the story of who we are or who we want to be. Fashion and style, however, have become synonymous over the years but people have now come to terms that the two are just related, but entirely different. 

Fashion is the trend according to what is fashionable or trendy in this very season or year. For sure, you can find in your mother’s closet remnants of the past, through vintage clothing. From the belted striped mini dress in 1978 that turns you into a disco diva to the rise of monochromatic outfits in 2018, fashion is usually momentary. It adapts to what is considered as acceptable or highly encouraged at the moment, making almost everybody wear it in order to fit in. With the ever changing nature of fashion, one can experiment as much as he or she wants and fit into what is made popular by models, fashion houses and actors. 


 Being bombarded with new ideas through innovation and technology, designers are influenced now more than ever to create extreme fashion pieces as seen on runway shows, not to mention the extreme vertical fashion show at Revere Hotel Boston featuring creations from the Massachusetts College of Arts and Design and some selected pieces from the Spring and Summer Collection of Ted Baker London worn by models while they strut their stuff down on the 24 stories high hotel. It is something that designers consider as art and not just about dressing pretty and fabulous. 

Style, on the other hand, is something that personally connects more to the wearer. Its permanence reflects your lifestyle and what kind of person you are as it embodies individualism. It is something that you own and what sets you apart from the multitude. You do not follow the trend set by models on televisions and magazines but you instead create your own thing. You can remain classic or be elegant; creative or natural; feminine or dramatic; edgy or sexy. Whether it’s your body type, color or fit which you think will flatter your best assets, that’s your style.

Finding your own style is like having to go through an inner journey with yourself. You need to know what you exactly want and the way you want things to be done. That’s the uniqueness behind style – it serves like a fingerprint or a signature. In some cases, personal style also reflects your taste in home furnishings.

With the two being related in some way, it is important to highlight too that whatever the society may influence you – be it in fashion or your own personal style, it is art as the three are inherently linked to each other. Every style goes in and out of fashion but that doesn’t mean  you have to change yourself every single time a new trend comes in. Owning your style, while being fashionable synonymously, gives a powerful vibe like you’re ready to conquer anything with the world as your runway. After all, what is fashion and style if not… for wearable art?

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