Five Criminally Underrated Content Creators We Should Follow


 How often do we come across content on various social media platforms that really strikes a chord with us? Be it Instagram Reels, YouTube channels, and TikTok videos, it doesn’t matter how unique it may be, but at the end of the day, there is something special about these videos that are meant to stay in our minds as we all continue progressing in our lives. Some of these channels that we see on the internet might already be popular while there are some partially known channels that are on their way to gaining appreciation from the world at large. 

As an ardent admirer of anything creativity related, below are some of my favourite content creators that I believe need to be recognized, as far as their authenticity, originality, and complete transparency in what these hidden gems create is concerned.  


  1. Project Nightfall  

Authenticity starts from the heart. What started out as a simple project on YouTube in spreading awareness pertaining to sensitive issues and important topics that take place around the world, it was Project Nightfall’s stark authenticity and creative integrity that made him not only win…but inspire the hearts, souls, and minds of many. Project Nightfall’s main goal was to always be more than just a YouTube channel. Having started his YouTube journey with an empowering message that does indeed change lives, including mine, what I really love and admire about Project Nightfall is the safety. The safety that we are able to feel in being ourselves, creates an endless ripple of sorts for the others to be themselves too. 

This is the beauty of Project Nightfall. 


  1. JackSepticeye 

Sean William Mcloughlin or better known as Jacksepticeye is an Irish Youtuber, who is best known for his vlogs and comedic series ‘Let’s Play’. As of June 2022, his channel has over 15.3 billion views and 28.5 million subscribers, now making him one of the most-subscribed Irish YouTube channels to date. 

One thing that I rarely see in most YouTubers or even influencers at this point, is the transparency that they display, which is something JackSepticeye has been vocal about and often connects with his fans even more by staying grounded and true to himself and the brand he has built over the following years.  

  1. Alex Meyers 

How often than not do we come across entertainment reviews that aren’t sugar-coated? Known for his honest, sardonic, and comedic style of reviewing and rarely showing his face as he prefers to use creative animations to express his thoughts, Alex Meyers is definitely one such YouTuber who has managed to take up permanent residency in my list of YouTubers we should all definitely be on the lookout for. Unfiltered, honest with a dash of humour that can definitely have us on the floor, bursting with laughter till our stomachs explode, Alex Meyers is definitely one such YouTuber you need to watch…if you have had a long day and need some humour to unwind. 


  1. Anthony Padilla 

Co-founder of popular YouTube channel ‘Smosh’, Anthony Padilla is an American internet personality who wears many hats. As an actor, director, editor, writer, and producer what sets Anthony different from the rest, is the compassion that lies in his curiosity when it comes to highlighting various topics that are carefully detailed, planned, and well-researched in interviewing different individuals ranging from a variety of backgrounds, which is something I rarely see. Anthony is best known for his channel where he interviews a variety of candidates; some of them are personable YouTubers themselves who are just starting out while the remaining have carved a niche for themselves in a plethora of different creative ventures. 


  1. Drew Binsky   

Drew Goldberg or popularly known as Drew Binsky, is an American Travel vlogger and blogger who has visited every country in the world. Documenting his experiences both of which sometimes have you sitting on the edge of your seat as most of them are a little scary as per his experiences. The beauty of his YouTube channel is the balance in which he details his travel experience is the balance between what he enjoyed and what he felt could’ve made his journey better. The comfort one can get by watching his show is the real deal, making us, the viewers believe that we too are travelling on a riveting adventure with him.

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