Geneva Tourism Celebrates its Watchmaking Heritage at Dubai Watch Week

Watch Week

There can be no mention of luxury watches and horology craftsmanship without talking about Geneva, the city’s deep rooted legacy in this intricate form of art has gained it a world renowned reputation that is equivalent to style, extravagance and timeless value. This November 24th, 2021, Geneva shares its passion for this industry through Dubai Watch Week, where Mr. Adrien Genier, Geneva Tourism & Conventions Foundation CEO, will be attending the opening ceremony of the event’s fifth edition.

Speaking about Dubai Watch Week, Genier says: “Horology is one of Geneva’s prides and a much sought-after attraction for GCC travelers who come to the city not only in search of unique pieces to acquire, but also to delve into the history and discover the craftsmanship behind each design. Dubai Watch Week is a celebration of this meticulous form of art, and we are so proud to attend it and share the UAE population’s passion for watches within their home”.

From prestigious watch brands’ shops, museums and workshops, Geneva is a haven for these ticking treasures, harbouring a myriad of experiences that range from shopping, discovery and learning for horology enthusiasts.

The Patek Philippe Geneva Salon, which opened in 1853 on the Rue du Rhône, is the historical manufacturing headquarters of the brand, and has formed an integral part of Geneva’s luxury scene for over 160 years. The salon was renovated in 1891 by the famed Genevan architect, Jacques-Elisée Goss who built the Genevan Opera and Palais Wilson which has served as the headquarters of the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights since 1998. The historical Salon is lit by the majestic original chandelier from Maison Baguès, the Parisian company whose work can be seen at Versailles. The salon is also the home of two antique safes which they acquired from Tiffany when the company left Geneva, adding a period charm and a sense of “La Belle Époque” inside this historical monument.

Lovers of the Patek Philippe brand can discover more about its history at the Patek Philippe museum which opened in 2001, located at the Rue des Vieux-Grenadiers, it serves as a timeless display of horology’s meticulous creations that harness a worldwide acclaim and an eager fandom for those that want to know more about this form of art, with two important collections:  the extraordinary antique collection containing historical pieces including the earliest watch ever made, and the Patek Philippe collection from 1839 onwards, portraying a heritage of more than 180 years of craftsmanship including the most complicated timepiece ever made, the Caliber 89. The museum offers both public and private tours to discover more about the horology legacy.

A must visit space for watches’ enthusiasts is the Initium Atelier, where they can wear a watchmaster’s hat for the day and craft their own timepieces with the aid of skilful instructors. The atelier offers a range of packages suitable for all levels, in addition to group sessions for those who want to share a meticulously creative activity.

Delving directly into the pleasure of owning a luxury watch, visitors to Geneva can find the ultimate upscale shopping experiences for watches, with the city being home for international brands such as Omega, Patek Philippe, Bucherer, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Piaget and others, a timeless souvenir of a visit to a city that identifies with the craft.

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