Get to know the Hollywood Royalty: Vivica. A Fox

Vivica A. Fox

Born in South Bend, Indiana, on July 30, 1964, Vivica Angenetta Fox, figured out by the end of high school what she wanted to do in her life. Starting from soul train to the soap operas and later to successful films, Vivica has made her way through the cinema industry, as she would phrase it, “From humble beginnings to Hollywood Royalties.” At the beginning days of her career, soul train was her first on-screen appearance. When posed with the question that what is her favourite memory of Soul Train, she happily shares with us that, coming down the “Soul Train Line” & doing “The Scramble Board” was her favorite memory of all. Being a part of Soul Train meant a great deal to her given it was a cultural platform for black musicians during the 70s and the ultimate trendsetter for its audiences. Vivica would later host many of the Soul Train Awards with pride in her heart.
Starting out as a young artist with a mind full of dreams and a heart full of hopes, it couldn’t have been easy to reach where she is today. She must’ve faced challenges behind the screen and as she has mentioned in the previous interviews, she worked on her own confidence and a strong mindset which brought a positive perspective to her career. Initially she started out as a model because she believed that was the right path for her, but, being surrounded by many of her friends who were pursuing acting, it fell right into her lap. “My friend Kelly Mentor said u are pretty good u should try this!”, And from then till the present day, we have seen her shine like the star she is. She shares with us that one of her favorite roles she could relate to was Shante from the movie Two Can Play That Game because, “She was fashionable, feisty & FUN!”, and we couldn’t agree more.

Every actor and actress have their very own method of getting into character when it comes to acting. Similarly, Vivica has her own technique to find the essence of her character within her. She says, “I get into character by thinking of WHO does this character remind me of? And to embrace their characteristics.” Channeling a character from your thoughts to on-screen is a true talent Vivica possesses and it does not end there. She is also a producer, a director, and an author. She mentions that transitioning her career into the next chapter was one of the challenging bits of her life, but she persevered through it without giving up and here we have a successful legend of Hollywood.
Vivica A. Fox has become an icon and a role model for many that want to build a career in the film industry. Her journey of resilience and the attitude to never give up on herself still stands as a major self-lesson for many little girls that look up to her. From her role in Days Of Our Lives, Independence Day, Ella Enchanted to Two Can Play That Game, Soul Food, The Wrong Friend, and many incredible all-time hits, she has earned the title of a successful Hollywood Royalty. Vivica’s words of wisdom to the upcoming generations are to do the work and study. “A career is BUILT not a swipe away!”, She states firmly with passion as a woman with an extraordinary experience.
Through her journey of success, the American Actress, Vivica has surely come in touch with many amazing people who have encouraged and helped her move forward in her career. She shares that the biggest contributor to her success is Lita Richardson, who is also her business partner. “She has always told me to make good choices! To LIVE LOVE LAUGH!”, Shares Vivica with utmost love and enthusiasm. She also shares with us that the one consistent presence in her life has been her family, who have been with her through all the good and bad times. Vivica acknowledges that her family means everything to her and their support for her through her career has always meant a significant deal. We as the audience are here to watch her grow further in her career and uplift many more young talents as she goes along the way which we know for sure beholds many more successes we are yet to witness.

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