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Desserts are the heart of love. It is intimate and sexy. Desserts have the power to bring together people and spark the passion between them. It doesn’t matter where, whether a fine dining date or a cozy ‘movies in the den’ date, desserts ensure a promising romantic time for lovers. We present to you some of the lip-smacking desserts for the month of february for you to either treat yourself to some or to share with a loved one!

1. Strawberry swirl pound cake
Strawberry is literally the fruit of February! Edible everything heart shape consists of at least one strawberry in the recipe, either as a main ingredient or even a garnish. This strawberry swirl pound cake is one of a kind, rich with the flavors of strawberry splashing with a surprise in every bite. It’s not fully mixed into the batter. It’s simply swirled and when the taste hits, it hits hard enough to make you fall in love with it!

2. Chocolate trifle
A classic and easy dessert such as a chocolate trifle is a must try. There’s a layer of fudgy brownie, a layer of creamy chocolate pudding topped off with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles. It’s literally what ambrosia would taste like. Wouldn’t you agree?

3. Red velvet & cream cheese cupcakes
Red velvet, like strawberries, is yet another staple of the month of love. The ultimate combination of red velvet with cream cheese is absolutely divine. The deep red shade decorated with a creamy white icing could not be any more inviting than it already is.

4. Berries and cream donut
Donut served like a sweet treat sandwich is something interesting. Let’s picture this, a crispy donut evenly sliced into two halves with a layer of cream spread generously on one half with berries of your choice sandwiched in between. I can feel the sweetness as I write this and would love to have one of these with a cup of coffee.

5. Cannoli
This Italian dessert is super famous and it doesn’t have to be February to serve them, but it surely would live up to the vibes of the month. Every bite is a crunchy and creamy delight. The crunchy shell compliments really well with the creamy filling which sometimes comes with toppings such as choco chips, chopped pistachios, melted chocolate, etc.

6. Nutella Fudge Brownies
Brownies are the most popular desserts of all time and when they’re blended with Nutella, it stands undefeated. These chocolate confections are little bars of brownies with a layer of crunchy brownie crust on top and bottom and chewy fudgy Nutella wonders in the middle. They’ve ever evergreen and will always taste top-tier.


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