Gifts to give in this holiday season

More than a formality, gifts mean something so personal and intimate. It’s a way of showing your love through the presence of an object that means a great deal to the receiver and it gets even more special when they end up loving the gift. It shouldn’t be an obligation. Gifts show how much you know the people you love. It shows that you are willing to show them that you’re listening and observing the important things in your relationship. With the holiday season upon us, I’m sure we’re all looking for fun yet unique presents to share with our loved ones. Here’s five really cool and intimate gifts you can count on making your time and love well spent.

1. Polaroid Camera
This is a very personal and valuable investment for those who love to capture important moments of their life. Polaroids never grew old. In fact polaroid has come a long way since it was first made and is now a vital tool in creating new memories and journaling them. A polaroid camera will always be relevant, unique, vintage and a completely perfect present for any holiday.

2. Smart Bird Feeder with camera
Not many people would think of this item for a gift but really gifts cannot get any more creative and fun like this, especially if you’re a bird lover! This is a bird feeder with a camera in it to capture when a bird comes in for its meal. We get watch the little delightful creatures enjoy their snack without startling them away.

3. Long Distance Touch Lamps
For those whose loved ones are separated by distance, these touch lamps are emotional and absolutely lovely. A pair of these lamps could be so heart-warming. Imagine you’re have a bad day and you get connect with your partner by touching a lamp in your bedroom and when they touch their lamp it brightens on your side. This is much more intimate than connecting over a video call. In a sense, you’re connecting through touch and no gift can get more special than that.

4. Love Letters for the Long run
Yes we have WhatsApp, emails, online Christmas cards and many other modern stuffs that could make things easier for us. But nothing beats a traditional hand-written, heart-felt letter. It could be a single letter for your loved one describing your journey with them, about how grateful you are to have them in your life, and more, or it could be a series of letters meant for various important moments in their life that hold the uncertainty of your presence at any point. So, even you might not be there with them physically at said point in their life, they can always turn to the letters you’ve written for them.

5. Floating candles
One of the best gifts to give ever to literally anyone has ever been a fan of Harry Potter. To be clear we aren’t talking about the candles that float in the water. We’re talking candle sticks that float mid-air and light up with a remote-controlled magic wand. In my opinion, if anyone got this gift for me, I’d be honoured and undoubtedly know that this person loves me to the moon and beyond.

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