Homegrown, luxury decor brand, Al Huzaifa, launches its newest concept, the Design Studio

Al Huzaifa's Design

Homegrown luxury decor brand, Al Huzaifa, has announced the launch of its newest design concept, the Design Studio, redefining the custom-furniture creation experience. Located in Wasl, Dubai, the Design Studio is an inspirational space dedicated to making the entire bespoke experience come to life. The new concept offers unparalleled end-to-end interior design solutions to suit the varied tastes of its discerning customers.
Pushing boundaries with unique design elements, mastery in furniture and interiors, and an ever-curious and unfettered approach to innovation, creativity is at the heart of the Design Studio’s DNA. Spread across 8,565 sq ft., the Design Studio features concept settings, walk-through mockups, and discussion rooms equipped with huge libraries of finishes, fabrics, materials, stone, veneers, custom wallpapers, woodwork treatments, and more. Each room within the studio presents an unusual combination of textures and materials put together to create aesthetically pleasing life-size features that could be a part of any home decor – a spectacular setting for a fascinating journey of ideas and possibilities.
A seamless journey. Whether revamping a space with new pieces or developing a new theme entirely, Al Huzaifa Design Studio has mastered the art of co-creation. Beginning with an initial conversation where ideas are sparked and mood boards are shared, the real magic begins. Once everything from the look and feel is finalised, the dream comes to life, with the sourcing, crafting and installation powerhouses swinging into action to ensure a clean and effortless transformation that leaves customers with nothing but delight.

Irfan Porbanderwalla, Chief Transformation Officer at Al Huzaifa said the launch of the Design Studio is a natural evolution of the brand’s offering. “Since its inception in 1976, Al Huzaifa has provided its customers with the best quality and high-end ranges that are perfectly crafted to create a luxurious home sanctuary. With a design department nestled within the brand’s showroom in Al Wasl, the brand offered personalised customer service, providing bespoke services through upholstery, custom wallpapers and curtains. As the love for bespoke services grew and the brand’s clientele base expanded, the brand saw an imperative need to scale up its offering through a unique and ultra-specialised service that answers the community’s need for specific sizes, larger pieces, and distinctive tastes,” said Porbanderwalla.
With a competent team of sixteen talented and passionate designers working on prestigious residential projects across the UAE in the most innovative and distinctive way possible, the Design Studio is also backed by a backstage manufacturing and fabrication powerhouse whose repertoire covers woodwork, metalwork and glass joined with advanced machines and precise installation for unprecedented quality assurance. A testament to the brand’s dedication to offering exquisite bespoke solutions, each realm of services is headed by a team of specialists, from wallpaper and curtains down to rugs and furniture. This entire talent pool is relentlessly at work to make the Design Studio’s creations come to life. With innovation at the core of the Design Studio’s mission, trending technologies are also constantly being adopted to enhance the product experience. This covers a wide spectrum, from smart systems and remote controls to technology-enabled improvements in installation.

With the majority of the bespoke pieces being manufactured at the brand’s own 40,046 sqft. factory in the UAE, the brand is also determined to partner with pioneering experts from all around the world.
For more information please visit alhuzaifa.com/designstudio.

For more information please visit alhuzaifa.com/designstudio.

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