How to Be Aware This Summer

Sometimes, we tend to forget that our minds function in a human body. It’s not a gadget that we use as and when we feel like it, since it enables us to think when it comes to solving a complex situation, producing and generating more ideas for new advancements…we never really give it the vacation that it truly deserves. When was the last time you actually took a step back and went on that vacation you’d been putting on hold for so long? When was the last time you went on a dinner date or brunch date with your friends or significant other?

If the answer is ‘I don’t know’…don’t fret about it. But this also indicates that it’s time you give yourself and your mind the break it truly needs. I’ve often come across way too many people who are fake advocates of mental awareness and wellness, who keep telling young creatives like me to be more mentally aware and take care of my mental wellbeing, when they themselves cannot handle their emotions. And when people like me finally make an attempt in sorting out my priorities, I get told that I’m wasting my time by spending too much time with myself and that I should face the ‘real world’.

We’ve been taught to fight natural causes and yet we’ve never been taught to fight our own feelings. The only time we realize how precious our minds are, is when we reach our breaking point, causing us to not be able to handle life anymore. Why should we destroy the peace and quiet that our minds deserve, when you can take immediate action for yourself-Not anybody- but YOURSELF right now?

Why wait for the perfect timing when you can do it right now? With that being said, how can we be mentally aware without destroying our abundant selves? We are all worthy of being fulfilled, successful and happy. Summer vacations aren’t limited to just spending time with your relatives or close friends…but you can even use it to spend quality time with yourself in a fruitful and harmonious way. So, how do we do it?

1.Accept the Moment
Suppose you are feeling frustrated and angry about something, do not hold it in. This is an appetite for destruction that may result in circumstances that’ll only cause more turmoil to your mind. Instead of bottling your feelings in, let it out. Whether you are feeling angry, upset or sad about a particular situation that has caused you to feel a certain way, let me tell you that It’s not going to affect your desired outcome. Resistance will only lead to more amplifications of uncertainty and destruction. That is something you definitely don’t want.

Instead of complaining, shift your focus towards an activity that allows you to feel at peace. An activity that allows you to embrace what you are feeling on the inside, which later on causes you to feel vibrant. Light. Happy. And grateful.

2. Make Yourself the Ultimate Priority
Stop trying to impress everybody. Unfortunately, we fall victim to the whole ‘Good Servant’ loophole, that prevents us from focusing on ourselves. What I mean by this is that we spend a lot of our time impressing everyone around us who expects us to be things that we are never meant to be. In order to own yourself and your mind, you need to start possessing a mind of your own that will prevent you from thinking for you. Take ownership of your unapologetic self.

Pay attention to your surroundings and step away from the people who expect too much from you. How long can you keep on giving to the point where you exhaust yourself?

Taking ownership of who you are is your birthright. It’s not a luxury. It’s not a privilege. It’s a right that has been given to you since the day you were brought into this world. Start getting comfortable by saying ‘no’ to things that prevent you from spending quality time with yourself and your mind. Sometimes, saying no is actually quite beneficial and meaningful. If it’s your time… it’ll always be your time.

3.Practice the Art of Being Grateful
In order to get in what we wish to receive, it is incredibly rewarding and beneficial if we incorporate the art of being grateful. Find reasons to be grateful. Be grateful for the simplest things you have received in your life, which others unfortunately cannot have access to. Be thankful for your existence that allows you to be the blessing in someone else’s life. Be thankful for the fact that you have eyes that allow you to see the beauty of everything that surrounds you, a mouth that allows you to speak the wonders of nature’s gifts that surround you and legs and hands that enable you to walk great miles and help you create something out of nothing, respectively.

Once you start doing this, you’ll start seeing and receiving unexpected miracles taking place in your life. It could be anything that you had once wanted and it has now finally showed up in your external world. Not only will gratitude make you feel fulfilled…but overall it’ll nurture the harmony that permeates deeply within your mind.

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