If I Started My Brand Again, What Advice Would I Give Myself?

Being a Personal Brand Mentor has taught me a lot about my own journey. My clients inspire me much more than they expect. Yes, I’m the one steering them in the right direction for their business, but the learning never stops. As they evolve, so do I. It’s important to recognise our personal growth. Looking back at what I could have done differently not only helps me feel confident that I’ve come far and overcome hurdles, but it ensures me that I can give the best advice to my clients.

So what advice would I give to myself if I were to start my personal brand all over again?

There’s no tomorrow

Only now! I cannot emphasise this enough. Your personal brand is not going anywhere. It exists because you exist. So many future entrepreneurs are waiting in the wings. They edit and finalise the final script, waiting for it to be word “perfect”. They build up contacts and information but won’t act upon it until the “right” time. When I started out, I’d book my hair and makeup sessions and experiment with images and photography. But all of this adds to procrastination. The only way to be productive is to stop waiting and get going. Start by doing something small. But do something

Focus, focus, focus

A mistake I made when I started out was that I had so many products and too many services. It was overwhelming, which made it too easy to lose focus. I would recommend that you start with one product…and no more than three. Or offer up to three solid services. Put your heart and soul into them. Get them going! It will be effortless to tell people what you do and for clients to be referred to you. 

Invest in a Coach

Oh, I wish I’d done this earlier. Whenever clients hold themselves accountable to a coach, I’ve witnessed their businesses double and their mailing lists quadruple. They’ve enjoyed success of six-figure months. You still must do all the work, but the coach is your guide and your ultimate support, championing you the whole way.

Be authentic

Stop overthinking and overanalysing, as this will get you stuck in a rut. Post about your personal brand. Just get out there and do it. It doesn’t matter what people think of you; opinions do not pay the bills. The more you embrace and enjoy being your true self, the easier it will be to communicate. Ever since I opened myself up to being more authentic, work and life have become much more effortless. So I’ll do me…and you, do you!

Establish a routine

Clear your mind and get into a professional and productive mode. Decide what you need to do on set days. Organise and batch up content. Arrange fixed times for client facing meetings. Establish your work boundaries. Quite simply, make the effort to be organised, and work will feel more like a breeze. You’ll also gain confidence from knowing how your day ahead is looking. 

Seeking more advice? I’d love to chat so drop me a line at @KellyLundbergOfficial 

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