International Artist Recreates EXPO 2020 Dubai Logo in Cross-Stitches

International artist Farida Talaat

International artist and long-time Dubai resident, Farida Talaat, has recently created a cross-stitch artwork portraying the new EXPO 2020 Dubai official logo in a double celebration of the two milestone events for the UAE taking place in 2021; the iconic EXPO 2020 Dubai and the UAE’s golden jubilee, ‘Year of the 50th’.

The needlepoint creation is a detailed depiction of the logo’s concentric circles and rings outlined in thousands of tiny stitches on a white background and outlined by a golden frame.

“EXPO 2020 Dubai and the semi centennial anniversary of the UAE are momentous occasions. The city and country are truly hubs of connectivity in the region as well as the world at large, and I think the logo embodies that beautifully,” she added.

Farida, an Egyptian-Canadian expat, has lived, studied and worked in the UAE for over 16 years. She created the artwork in appreciation of her new home. “Over the course of my expatriatship here, I have seen Dubai evolve into a truly global city, and the UAE become an impactful and leading nation on a global scale,” she said. “This is my way of highlighting and celebrating this achievement.”

International artist Farida Talaat
EXPO 2020 Cross-Stitch Artwork

The aesthetic artwork features intricate cross-stitchery and embroidery weaved through special perforated fabric called Aïda, with threads in colours graduating from bronze brown on the outside to a bright yellow towards the centre, and set in a custom-made circular wooden band.

It took over six months to produce the artwork, starting by tracing the logo, picking and testing the thread colours, hand-stitching and finally framing it. “The most difficult part was selecting threads in the exact shades true to the colours of the original design and making it look like the inside is almost illuminating.” Farida says.

“Art and creativity are central to a country’s cultural identity and progress. Living in Dubai and the UAE has inspired me infinitely,” she adds as she looks to see her artwork participate in cultural events during EXPO 2020 Dubai until March 2022.

This is the artist’s second project around EXPO 2020 Dubai in recent years. Previously, Farida has created an artwork out of buttons for EXPO 2020 Dubai’s previous logo; an Arabesque nonagonal star shape in turquoise blue, which she embellished with buttons, beads, bows and other ornaments.

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