International Male Model: Alex Sayhi

Alex Sayhi

The recognizable face of international male model Alex Sayhi is the kind of story fashionistas love. Born and raised in Nice, Sayhi now resides in Paris, France. He traveled the world as a model and spent many years in Asia, Europe and lived for 8 years in the United States after signing with IMG New York.

Taylor:  Alex, it’s great to catch up with you again. During this last year of a worldwide pandemic, what have you been up to?

Alex: I’ve been trying to focus on the simple things of Life, a back to the roots type of thing. Home workouts, playing with my son, ordering pizza…

Taylor: Have you been to Dubai? What was it like, and have you been back since? 

Alex: Funny enough I’ve been to Dubai 11 times, but only spent time in the airport, I was always there for layovers while going to Asia to model.   

Taylor: You started modeling in Paris young and you have made it look exciting and fun. What have
been some of your fondest memories?

Alex: Wow there are so many memories. I guess Thailand will forever be my best memory. It was my second trip as a model, and I was so young and discovering this industry as well as this continent and taking it all in. I remember being so proud of myself at the time because I couldn’t believe what was happening to me. I felt so lucky. 


Taylor: We have been friends for some time now, and you have done so many things, including becoming a proud papa! What has fatherhood taught you thus far?  

Alex: Fatherhood has taught me many things. I guess it’s all about him now and not me anymore and that’s a relieving feeling to step back into the background and let my son be the center of attention. 

Taylor: You are also an actor, trained in acrobatics, and martial artist, what has this meant to you?
Has it helped you in acting and/or modeling?

Alex: It definitely helped me because martial arts and acrobatics give you such a body awareness
and that definitely translates into the modeling and the posing. Not to mention the confidence martial
arts give you, which is the most important weapon in modeling and in life in general.

Taylor: The modeling world has changed, what do you think about that, or has it not affected you?

 Alex: It definitely has changed with the whole social media thing. It hasn’t had a good impact on modeling, Nowadays, everybody thinks they are a model and clients are using this to lower the prices. It’s a shame, I’m glad I was able to set myself up before all this happened. 

Taylor: What’s the future looking like for Alex and what are some of the things you liked to accomplish?

 Alex: That’s a very good question and I’m not sure I know the answer to that. I am currently in a phase of transition. I am definitely starting to open myself up to new opportunities and possibly leave this industry. I’m into finance these days and investing, Bitcoin, etc… I also shoot a lot of models as a photographer now, but I don’t see myself becoming a photographer, I prefer to keep it as a hobby.


Alex Sayhi


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